Technical translations in the areas of media, entertainment and marketing

Publishing houses, editorial offices, radio and television institutes, internationally active manufacturing companies, market and consumer research companies all rely on the experience of KERN Global Language Services. 

The KERN team possesses the necessary knowledge to make your media and marketing content quickly and straightforwardly available to an international audience. The team cooperates directly with your production teams and specialist departments, or with your advertising agencies and communications partners. We are happy to carry out your order as an express translation.

Corporate media – internal and external business correspondence

Every globally active business enterprise uses established media to broadcast their content on an international scale. This means it is both exported for a larger audience and used internally to inform, educate and explain processes to employees and teams. For all your PR needs, we provide experienced translators and editors who will translate press releases, press reviews and presentations into the language of your choosing. Qualified native speakers will support you in the localisation of announcements, staff publications, and technical contributions for clear and recipient-oriented internal corporate communication. Our KERN specialist interpreters ensure understanding at trade fairs and events and give your international testimonials a voice at press conferences.

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