The online terminology portal term4client™

Inter-departmental and international access to a company's individual specific terminology is becoming more and more key to international success. The terminology solution term4Client™ makes this access possible for you!

term4Client™ incorporates multilingual technical terms, organized in consultation with you. You can arrange, on request, web browser access to read and update your client-specific terminology resources from KERN AG's secure German servers, avoiding the need to create and host your own databases.

term4Client™manages concepts and terms in all languages on one platform, making it a powerful and flexible tool. For every term, many types of user-defined metadata can be added, for example definitions, images and so on.

Intelligent and well-structured terminology hosting

The joint access you and KERN AG have to your company's terminology, with a focus on "translation-oriented writing" , ensures correct word choice in your source text, and can increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of the translations. The use of consistent, clear and verified company terminology is guaranteed.

In summary:

  • KERN AG creates a customer-specific terminology database
  • KERN AG creates the website
  • KERN AG hosts the customer-specific terminology resources on its secure servers