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When translating patents, translation errors can lead to serious consequences in terms of applying for or using the patent. In this sensitive area, it is important that the right syntax, punctuation, and above all, terminology for the specialist area is used.

Having a wealth of legal experience within the respective legal system is a prerequisite for producing patent translations, which is then applied in combination with specialized knowledge in the area of the patent. In the case of most patent translations, the respective official rules must also be observed, such as EU Rule 51 of the EPC (European Patent Convention). KERN's patent translators are experienced specialists in their area or engineers with legal background who have specialized in patent translations, and therefore have the skills required. 

An overview of KERN's services:

  • Use of patent-specific terminology
  • Content structuring of patent specifications
  • Vocabulary of the respective patent class
  • Layout creation and editing of patent drawings and patent specifications
  • All specialist fields: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, EDP, software, etc.
  • Patent translations in all languages

Certification of patent translations

If a certification of your patent application translation is required, KERN can provide this service using a sworn translator or via a Translator's Certificate at any time.

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