Specialist translations for the financial services and insurance sector

Globalization is profoundly changing the financial sector: banks and insurance companies are increasingly active in international markets, while private investors are looking for profitable investment opportunities on transatlantic or Far Eastern exchanges. Specialist translations for the financial services and insurance sector are therefore crucial in this international environment.

Today, financial services providers, insurers and credit institutions face the challenge of meeting an increasingly international and demanding clientèle. The translations of business reports, annual reports, financial statements, and product or stock market information must go far beyond correctness in terms of content and form. Highly professional, accurate and attractive information preparation plays an indispensable role, especially with regard to customer acquisition and information.

With several decades of experience and qualified, native-speaking specialists, KERN Global Language Services meets the high requirements for specialist translations for the financial services and insurance sector. Our promise includes ensuring the integrity of all translated documents in the financial sector and in insurance law. With a clear focus on the specific needs of the target group, KERN Global Language Services localizes on time, trustfully and extremely precisely. Whether it’s market research, management reports or quarterly and annual financial statements, we provide professional translations that not only ensure accuracy of content, but also provide a strategic partnership for successful international financial operations.

Professional specialist translations for the financial services and insurance sector

With more than 50 years of experience as a successful translation services provider, we are able to offer banks,
insurance companies, mergers and acquisitions-focused companies and other companies in the financial services sector the expertise and necessary competence associated with such a sensitive field of activity as translation services.
We pay special attention to your particular needs. We would also be happy to come to you and take care of your individual assignments: whether it be project managers, interpreters, translators or consultants, the KERN team provides in-house support both quickly and efficiently throughout the entire translation process, thus ensuring maximum dependability and discretion.
With over 60 offices both in Germany and abroad, we are always there for you as a reliable partner if you have any questions relating to finance and insurance, because your success is our aspiration!

Specialized terminology databases for financial services and insurance

We work with you to adopt or develop customized solutions such as databases, glossaries, equivalence tables and terminology lists. We use advanced software tools to analyze existing documentation, identify specialist terms, and create customized terminology databases that exactly match your needs. Our comprehensive database service includes:

  • Software-based terminology extraction: By using sophisticated software we extract specialist terminology from your documents to create an accurate and consistent terminology database.
  • Development of specific terminology databases: We design and implement terminology databases that exactly match your industry sector and requirements, ensuring consistent language usage.
  • Cleaning up and maintaining terminology databases: Our services include ongoing maintenance, updating and optimization of your terminology databases to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

Our database management expertise enables your company to build an efficient and customized terminology infrastructure that forms the basis for consistent and accurate communication.

Security and confidentiality

All our translators are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements. In addition, we provide portal solutions in a fully secure online environment, in which confidential documents are processed and made available.

Certifications, norms and standards

Certifications, norms and standards are important cornerstones of our quality and service guarantee. Our comprehensive certifications underline our commitment to the highest standards and efficiency. In particular, the following standards and certificates should be highlighted:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: This internationally recognized quality management system certifies that our processes and services meet the highest quality standards.
  • ISO 17100:2015: This standard specifies the requirements for translation service providers and ensures that we guarantee a standardized and professional translation process.
  • ISO 18587:2017: This standard refers to the post-editing requirements for computer translations and ensures the quality and accuracy of machine-translated texts after specialist editing.
  • Across: The integration of Across into our workflow allows for an efficient translation management platform that promotes collaboration and quality assurance.
  • SCHEMA ST4: As a user of SCHEMA ST4, we rely on innovative editorial and content management solutions to optimize our documentation processes and ensure the highest quality.
  • EcoVadis (CSR Rating Silver): Our silver rating at EcoVadis underlines our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable action.
  • United Nations Global Compact: As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we subscribe to the principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

These certifications and standards are testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in translation services, while ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency and social responsibility.

Which documents are often translated for the financial services and insurance sectors?

In the financial services and insurance sector, we provide comprehensive professional translations to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of your content. Some of the frequently translated documents include:

Annual and quarterly reports: Our experts ensure that your company’s vital business information is communicated in a clear and understandable manner in other languages.

Fund reports: Translation of fund reports requires specific expertise to accurately translate details and analyses and to maintain the integrity of the information.

Technical documentation (IAS/IFRS/HGB/UGB): We provide translations of technical documentation in accordance with international and national accounting standards to ensure that your financial reports meet the required standards.

Contracts of various economic and financial themes: The precise translation of contracts, be it on economic or financial matters, is essential to ensure the legal aspects of your business transactions.

International equities and bond issues: For international financial transactions, a clear and accurate translation of equities and bond issues is essential for successful communication with investors worldwide.

Tax documents and bonds: The translation of tax documents and bonds requires a thorough understanding of the tax and financial terminology to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Capital and stock prospectuses: We ensure the accurate rendering of capital and stock prospectuses in order to provide investors with comprehensive information about the opportunities and risks.

Business strategy presentations: Translation of business strategy presentations with clarity and persuasion to communicate your strategic goals effectively.

Data sheets: We provide accurate translations of data sheets to ensure that technical information and specifications are communicated correctly.

With our team of experienced translators in the financial services and insurance sectors, we can help you successfully meet your global communications needs.

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