• Legal translations

    Legal translations

    Professional translations for global legal certainty and comprehensibility.

Legal translations

KERN Global Language Services specializes in the accurate and trustworthy translation of legal documents. With a team of experienced language experts and project managers, KERN attaches great importance to correct translation, taking into account cultural specificities. The services cover a wide range of legal disciplines and types of documents, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and confidentiality. We support you in ensuring global legal certainty and comprehensibility by focusing on the specific requirements of the legal system.

Professional legal translations by KERN Global Language Services

Qualified Linguists

The KERN Global Language Services team is characterized by comprehensive expertise in a wide range of legal areas. These specialists are familiar with all kinds of legal documents that are crucial for comprehensive due diligence processes. 
Their expertise includes the accurate translation of complex contracts, the accurate representation of terms in leases and tenancy agreements, the flawless translation of critical data protection guidelines and the precise reproduction of financial agreements. This deep understanding of the nuanced requirements of legal documentation ensures that each translation conforms to the high standards of accuracy and confidentiality required by the law.

Professional translations for global legal certainty and comprehensibility

What legal specializations do the translators at KERN Global Language Services have?

Rely on our expertise to meet your international legal and business requirements with precision. The areas of law in which our experts have expertise include:

  • Contract translations: Precise translation of contractual terms for legally secure international transactions.
  • Leases and tenancy agreements: Expertise in local legal adaptation and translation for real estate business.
  • Company agreements: Specialized in the translation of documents that govern business partnerships.
  • Employment contracts: Clear and correct translation to standardize working conditions internationally.
  • NDAs: Careful maintenance of confidentiality through accurate translations of confidentiality agreements.
  • Distribution agreements: Specialist translation to support international trade relations and distribution networks.
  • Sustainability reports: Translation of ESG criteria in sustainability reports for the global communication of your company values.
  • Financial agreements: Deep understanding of financial documentation for flawless translation.
  • Tax documents: Support in complying with international tax rules through precise translations.
  • License agreements: Expertise in translating licensing conditions for products and software.
  • SLAs: Detailed translation of service agreements for a clear definition of performance.
  • Data protection documents: Clear translation of data protection policies to meet international standards.
  • Commercial register extracts: Accurate translation for transparent company information.
  • Terms and conditions: Comprehensive transfer of terms and conditions to ensure legal clarity.
  • Patent translations: Professional translation of technical and specialized patent specifications.
  • Court documents: Deep knowledge of legal language for court and trial documentation.
  • Financial documents: Reliable translation of financial documents to support international financial transactions.

Which legal areas are covered by KERN Global Language Services experts?

Our legal expertise covers a wide variety of legal areas. These include:

  • Commercial law: Translation of documents related to commercial transactions, contracts and commercial agreements to ensure clarity in business transactions.
  • Company law: Translation of corporate governance documents, decisions and legal opinions.
  • Intellectual Property: Correct translation of patent applications, trademark registrations and license agreements.
  • Legal disputes: Highly skilled in the translation of files relating to the trial, judgments and written pleadings.
  • Real estate law: Translation of real estate contracts, notarial deeds and documents relating to property rights.
  • Labor law: Precise translation of employment contracts, personnel guidelines and documents relating to employment law.
  • Environmental law: Expertise in translating environmental impact assessments and compliance reports.
  • International trade and customs: Translation of trade agreements, customs documentation and import/export provisions.
  • Tax law: Experience in the translation of tax documents, including tax laws, regulations and agreements to promote compliance with and knowledge of tax obligations.
  • Regulatory aspects:Specialist translations that make the complex field of legislation comprehensible and ensure precise communication and compliance with legal regulations.

What support does KERN Global Language Services offer in due diligence processes?

Our translation services play an important role in due diligence analyses. To facilitate a thorough examination of possible legal risks and legal liability, we offer comprehensive translation support for legal reviews. In doing so, we ensure that all relevant documents, such as agreements, sustainability reports, data protection guidelines and commercial register extracts, are accurately summarized or translated and are easily accessible. 

  • Summaries: Our due diligence services include a summarizing overview of foreign documents, which, through its clarity, contributes to efficient reviews and decision-making.
  • Use of AI technology: We promote the due diligence process by using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate routine tasks, accelerate workflows for summaries and translations, and improve overall accuracy.
  • Machine translation and post-editing: Combining machine translation with expert human post-editing ensures a balance between efficiency and precision in legal translation. This approach enables faster delivery times without compromising quality.

What services does KERN Global Language Services offer in the area of legal translation?

KERN Global Language Services offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of legal translation to meet the diverse requirements of our customers:

  • Confidentiality and data protection: We attach great importance to protecting your sensitive information through strict data protection measures and ensuring the highest level of confidentiality throughout the translation process.
  • Quality assurance: Our translations are subject to strict quality controls in order to ensure the highest linguistic and legal standards are applied, thus guaranteeing precision and consistency.
  • Taking into account cultural peculiarities: Our experts have a deep understanding of the cultural and legal nuances of different countries, which enables an accurate and culturally appropriate translation of legal texts.
  • On-time delivery: We understand the importance of deadlines in the legal context and guarantee the timely completion of your orders through efficient project management.
  • Certification and notarial certification: On request, we provide certified translations and notarial deeds to increase the legal force and acceptance of your documents.
  • Transparent communication: Open and customer-oriented communication is essential for us. We maintain a close exchange with our customers in order to effectively implement individual requirements and change requests.

KERN is your partner for legal translations, with the experience of a dedicated team guaranteeing excellent performance, accuracy and confidentiality in every translation project. Rely on our support for your due diligence processes with our accurate and reliable translations. Your legal documents are in safe hands with us.

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