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In today’s globalized world, companies rely on efficient, top-quality translations in order to compete successfully on the international stage. Yet the translation process can often be time-consuming and costly. This is where (p)review4client comes into play: As an online layout editor that can be integrated into the review process, (p)review4client offers a range of functions that make the translation process more efficient and simpler, thus significantly expediting the translation process. This way, companies save time and resources, while at the same time achieving better quality in their translations.

The benefits for you:


Direct access to (p)review4client via an internet browser, without the need to install additional software.


Simple collaboration means fewer correction cycles.

Avoid mistakes

Direct processing in layout view with (p)review4client minimizes mistakes.


Your documents and data are safe thanks to HTTPS encryption, servers in Germany and private cloud infrastructure.


(p)review4client simplifies collaboration and dispenses with time-consuming review processes.


Comments and change requests no longer need to be communicated in protracted email correspondence, but can instead be implemented directly into (p)review4client.

With (p)review4client you get a high-performance online editor that can be integrated into the review process of translation projects. With the three-column review editor you can see the translations in real time in the finished layout and review the documents in an easy-to-read format. By integrating (p)review4client into the review process, valuable time is saved, as translators and reviewers can work together faster. In this way, the translation process is made significantly more efficient.

In-context and layout preview

The XML translation segmented on a sentence-by-sentence basis is displayed in the finished layout both in the source and the target language. This makes it clear what effects a change has and whether it might be necessary to shorten the text.

Automatic filling of repetitions

Changes to segments that repeat themselves within a document are automatically adopted. This means that it is not necessary to search for every possible repetition of a segment and make the changes manually again.

Display of a reference language

Here, the English translation will be displayed as an additional reference language to the German source language, for example. In this way, reviewers without knowledge of the source language can also be integrated into the review process.

With (p)review4client, the workflow becomes simple and intuitive. The content that is to be translated is imported from the web-based client portal portal4client™ with translation memory export and, where applicable, industry-specific terminology is imported into the review editor. In (p)review4client™, a preview of the source text and translated content is then created, which allows the text to be viewed in the finished layout.

Two options are available here: the allocation of the content to a layout source such as a PDF view or a website (URL) as well as the dynamic generation of a layout with the help of a style sheet. This function allows the users to directly visualize the translation in the finished layout.

Another feature is the display of a reference language, e.g. the English translation of the project from portal4client™ or a machine translation. In this way, the review task can be completed by persons who do not have any knowledge of the actual source language (e.g. German). After this, the file is reimported into portal4client™ in order to update the translation, and the target file is made available in the portal. This allows for even faster processing of your translation projects.

Other processing options:

  • Search and replace
  • Track changes
  • Comment function
  • Display of the processing status
  • Individual settings for repetitions
  • Filter for repetitions

Thanks to the in-context preview and the option of dynamically generating the layout or allocating it to a layout source, it becomes easier to see the changes in the target language directly in the finished layout. This allows the changes to be processed faster and the text to be reviewed efficiently. In addition, the option of displaying reference languages and adopting changes automatically in segments that repeat themselves means that access for reviewers is made easier and the time required for the translation process is reduced. In this way, translators and reviewers do not have to manually process each segment but can instead apply changes globally to a document with one click.

The result is an efficient and fast translation process that saves time, money and resources and improves the quality of the translations. (p)review4client™ is thus the perfect tool for efficient translation management.

Download Infoblatt (p)review4client™ – der Layout Online-Editor

(p)review4client™ – der Layout Online-Editor

Der perfekte Online-Editor für Ihren Review-Prozess für ein effizientes Übersetzungsmanagement.


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