Specialized translations in the public sector

For more than 50 years, KERN Global Language Services has been supporting companies and authorities in the public sector in their foreign language communication. Our services cover a wide range of public law bodies, institutions and foundations. This includes local authorities such as the Federal Government, the federal states, the districts and the municipalities, federal and state government authorities and local, municipal and county government offices. Our clients also include human resources organizations such as chambers of industry, commerce and crafts and educational institutions such as universities and universities of applied sciences. We also support associations such as higher municipal and regional associations and public broadcasters.

KERN Global Language Services follows a holistic approach through systematic quality management. This not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, but also ensures that the specific requirements of the different areas are taken into account, even under tight deadlines. Our focus is on ensuring content consistency to meet the needs of a multicultural population. Our experienced, professional translators for the public sector ensure accurate and attractive foreign language communication for public authorities and companies.

Professional specialist translations for the public service

KERN Global Language Services offers high-quality specialist translations for the public sector in order to meet the needs of public authorities and public institutions. Our comprehensive range of services covers a wide range of types of texts, including business correspondence, press releases, annual reports, contracts, written pleadings and other public service documents, such as tenders.

Our experienced specialist translators in the public sector ensure accurate and attractive translations of these documents, taking into account not only linguistic accuracy, but also the specific requirements of the public sector. KERN Global Language Services attaches particular importance to compliance with government regulations, ensuring the consistency of content and the timely delivery of translations.

Our many years of experience in the field of specialist translations for the public service enable us to establish a trusting partnership with public authorities and public institutions. Accurate and culturally appropriate translations help the civil service communicate effectively and meet the needs of a diverse population.

Specialist translators for specialist translations for the public sector

KERN Global Language Services relies on highly qualified specialist translators who not only have a linguistic education, but also several years of practical experience in various fields of public service, institutions and bodies of public law as well as foundations. This qualified pool ensures a precise and targeted translation of your texts, be it business correspondence, press releases, annual reports, contracts, written pleadings or tenders.

In addition, we have a network of experienced academics, specializing in areas such as law and education policy. If necessary, they are available for specialist copyediting. This includes checking the accuracy of the translations as well as syntactic-semantic aspects. In this way, we ensure not only linguistic precision, but also technical accuracy in translations for the public service.

Certifications for the public sector

For submission to authorities and courts, the sworn specialist translators of KERN Global Language Services prepare certified translations. Our worldwide office network enables the legal certification of documents for authorities or public institutions outside Germany. If necessary, the certified translations will also be apostilled to ensure that they fully comply with the respective laws of the target countries. Rely on the expertise of KERN Global Language Services for precise and legally recognized translations in the public service.

Interpreting for the public sector

In the case of negotiations, telephone calls and discussions between citizens and authorities, as well as between different authorities and at international conferences with numerous government representatives, stylistic sensitivity is as necessary as linguistic and technical competence. KERN Global Language Services conference interpreters and sworn court interpreters interpret in two or more official languages at:

  • Negotiations: We ensure that your negotiations can take place smoothly and accurately in different official languages.
  • Pre-trial meetings and for witness statements: Our interpreters will assist you at all important pre-trial talks or during witness statements.
  • Police interrogations: In sensitive situations such as police interrogations, we ensure that communication is clear and comprehensible between all parties involved.
  • Interviews, hearings, judicial and extra-judicial arbitration: We provide interpreting services for a wide variety of legal procedures and arbitration to ensure that all parties can communicate effectively.
  • Meetings, symposia and international conferences: Our interpreters are also present at major events and ensure that communication takes place smoothly across language boundaries.

Which documents does KERN Global Language Services translate for the public sector?

Certificates and official documents:

  • Contracts and agreements: We ensure that contracts and agreements are correctly reflected in different official languages.
  • Patent specifications and patent applications, documents on the state of the art as well as patent claims: KERN Global Language Services offers a professional translation of patent documents to ensure the protection of innovations.
  • Citations, written pleadings, court rulings, statements under oath, affidavits and attestations: Our services cover a variety of legal documents, from citations to court rulings.
  • Audit and expert reports: KERN Global Language Services supports the clear transfer of reports that are relevant for legal audits and expert opinions.
  • Commercial register extracts: We provide accurate translations of commercial register extracts to ensure legal transparency.
  • Articles of association: Articles of association are translated with legal precision and in a manner than ensures their comprehensibility.

Government information:

  • Websites of ministries and public authorities: KERN Global Language Services allows precise translation of government websites to make information available to a wider audience.
  • Information brochures and forms: We ensure that information brochures and forms are available in multiple languages.
  • Press releases: Our specialist translators translate press releases accurately and with journalistic style.
  • Tenders: KERN Global Language Services provides support in the translation of tenders in order to facilitate international offers for tender.

Finance and accounting:

  • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts: Our services cover the precise translation of financial reports.
  • Annual, interim and business reports: KERN Global Language Services offers technical translations of various types of reports.
  • Texts on financial controlling, costing and accounting: We ensure that texts on financial topics are translated in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  • Tax directives: Tax directives are translated according to specific legal requirements.

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