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Internet users worldwide browse the World Wide Web in their native language. The probability that they will buy a product online is four times as high if they are doing so in a language with which they are familiar rather than if browsing in a foreign language! The more language combinations a company can work with online, the more noticeable their web presence. There are also many global players, medium-sized IT companies, and start-ups in the IT, gaming, and data processing sectors who are working behind the scenes to develop internationally. With our specialist translators and extensive terminology management, we at KERN Global Language Services stay abreast of the high degree of innovation associated with the IT sector – whether we're localizing software and apps or translating websites, source files, printed handbooks, IT documentation, or user manuals for newly-issued tablets and smartphones. For over 45 years now, KERN Global Language Services has been supporting world-leading businesses from the IT sector, rising to the challenges posed by increasingly strong international networking in the field.

Terminology management

For your specialized translations, we at KERN make use not only of our many years of experience in the IT sector but also specialized databanks, technical dictionaries, and glossaries. This allows you to spread the word about your company's innovative ideas at the very highest level of language – and in every language. KERN's translation engineers manage and maintain language data and check translations for consistent use of the terminology you request. Material that has been translated before can therefore be re-used at any time, or updated to match current terminology requirements. Proofreading processes and document updates are carried out in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner. Since databases are integrated seamlessly into the translation environment, the process of updating and maintaining data records is largely automated. This both saves you money and allows translations to be successfully woven into the day-to-day operation of your business.

KERN's terminology management services:
  • Development of customer-specific terminology databases through terminology extraction and/or the combination of existing terminology records
  • Effective creation, maintenance, development, and adjustment of terminology databases
  • Provision of terminology (web-based and software-based)

Process optimization

KERN can even deliver on projects with tighter time schedules – regardless of the size and difficulty of the texts – thanks to our Express Service, which ensures adherence to specified deadlines. When applied to complex procedures and high volumes of documentation, translation memory systems and customer-specific translation management portals such as the KERN portal setup portal4client really come into their own. Due to the high number of texts which include repeated passages of text – as is the case, for example, with source codes and product descriptions for catalogs or e-commerce – it is possible to accelerate the translation process in a way that also improves terminological and stylistic consistency, allowing you to provide the right information at the right time.

Quality management

KERN's project managers possess many years of experience in the translation of all kinds of texts from the fields of IT, data processing, and telecommunications, as well as having built up a range of sector-specific knowledge. Specialist translators and suitable proofreaders will be commissioned for your projects. The customer-specific translation management portal offers running status updates for your translation projects; information which is available to all those involved in the process. The use of translation memory systems and terminology databases guarantees linguistic consistency for your translations. Additionally, translations are always checked for style, spelling, and completeness. Our quality control process is designed to deliver first-class results that satisfy even the most complex translation requests.

On top of this, automatic quality assurance functions provide support during the proofreading phase and ensure that we catch even those mistakes which are not always noticed by human proofreaders, such as inconsistencies between different documents. Furthermore, the content and layout are adapted to the specific linguistic, cultural, and legal conditions of the target market.

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