Terminology management

KERN's clients assume that specialist terms will be translated consistently in several languages. Often, company-specific terms must be used, which the translator can only translate into their language in collaboration with the relevant client. Active terminology management with products, specialist terms and innovations is an important component of the translation process.

We guarantee an optimized translation process, maximum consistency and improved quality assurance using translation memory systems through the use of highly developed translation memory systems as well existing termbases and ones created in collaboration with you.

Terminology databases

KERN will create databases, glossaries, equivalence tables and terminology lists in collaboration with you in order to help set the expertise of your company. A company specific dictionary or glossary is an indispensable and versatile resource, which

  • standardizes language use within the company – from research to sales,
  • increases consistency of documentation and translations,
  • provides valuable help to external translators and
  • speeds up the familiarization training of new employees.

Using software tools, KERN analyses existing customer documentation extracts specialist terms and creates equivalence tables.

The KERN terminologists also create company-specific dictionaries according to the needs of individual users and departments and the specifications of company-specific software. The tables are added to and updated in the course of future translations. The tables are maintained in multiple languages and submitted to you for approval with the help of data management programs.

KERN's database service also includes among others:

  • software-supported terminology extraction,
  • building terminology databases,
  • the correction and maintenance of existing terminology databases.

You can arrange to use KERN's existing resources for the creation of terminologically consistent source texts at any time, instead of building term bases and in doing so increase translation speed and the quality and consistency of translations.

Terminology extraction

KERN supports you in terminology extraction or in the securement of company expertise with our many years of experience in terminology management and technical extraction methods. Terminology extraction from company oriented specialized terms and concepts offers you the possibility to maintain and define internal language use consistency.

With the aid of extraction tools, terminology extraction can also be carried out by a native-speaker translator or terminologist in a laborious process. The extraction takes place on the basis of the source text and respective translation, but can also be done from a previous translation project. The extraction tools generate a list of term candidates, that are then selected by the translator or terminologist and then coordinated with you.

Translation memory systems

Through the use of highly developed translation memory systems, such as Across, Trados, Déjà Vu and Transit...


Inter-departmental and transnational, as well as encrypted access to company technology on KERN's German servers.

Terminology management

Consistent multilingual terminology is essential to all export companies. It shapes both the external and internal perception of the company, strengthens the brand name and consolidates in-house knowledge. In short, it is the linguistic expression of your company’s unique corporate identity.


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