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    Specialised translations in the public sector

Specialised translations in the public sector

In order to be able to meet the needs of a multicultural population, information and forms from ministries and public authorities must be offered and administrated in a wide range of languages. For more than 50 years, KERN AG has been supporting companies and authorities from all areas of the public sector in their foreign language communication. Amongst these are many diverse bodies, authorities, and charities working in the field of public law: regional authorities on the state, national, municipal and regional levels; national and federal government authorities; regional, town and district offices; worker bodies like chambers of industry, commerce and crafts; educational institutions such as universities and technical colleges; and finally collective bodies, including higher municipal or regional collectives and public broadcasting corporations. 

Using systematic quality management, KERN ensures compliance with the restrictions imposed by authorities, therefore guaranteeing that the particularities of each field are taken into account and that the content is consistent – even when on a tight schedule. The range of texts that KERN has already successfully translated encompasses business correspondence, press releases, annual reports, legal texts such as contracts, writs, and further documents from the field of public services, including invitations to bid.

Specialisation in the public sector

  • Certificates and official documents
    • Wills and powers of attorney
    • Property handover certificates and rental agreements
    • Birth and marriage certificates, certificates of no impediment, passports and other forms of identification document
    • Performance records, certificates, account statements and documents relating to citizenship or asylum
  • Legal area
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Patent specifications and applications, documents involving technological development, and patent claims
    • Summonses, writs, court rulings, statements under oath, affidavits and attestations
    • Auditors' and expert reports
    • Extracts from the commercial register
    • By-laws
  • Government information
    • Websites for ministries and public authorities
    • Information brochures and forms
    • Press Releases
    • Invitations to tender
  • Finance and accounting
    • Balance sheets as well as profit and loss accounts
    • Annual, interim and business reports
    • Texts about financial controlling, calculation and accounting
    • Tax guidelines

Other services for the public sector

Specialised translations

KERN Global Language Services has access to a pool of highly qualified specialist translators who, in addition to their linguistic training, have a sound and time-tested practical orientation in a variety of different branches involving public law entities and institutions, as well as foundations. If required, a network of experienced academics - for example from the legal or educational fields - are able to provide expert editing of the translations in their mother tongue, and also to check the translations in their respective subject areas for content accuracy and syntactic-semantic aspects.

Certified translations

KERN's certified translators create certified translations for presentation to authorities and courts. The global branch network of KERN AG guarantees that documents which are intended for authorities or public institutions outside of Germany are legally certified and - if necessary - re-certified, so that they meet the legal requirements of the target country. 


In the case of proceedings, telephone conversations and interviews between citizens and authorities, as well as inter-authority and international conferences with numerous government representatives, stylistic sensitivity is as necessary as linguistic and technical competence.

KERN's conference interpreters and certified court interpreters provide interpreting in two or more official languages for

  • legal proceedings
  • discussions prior to court hearings and during witness statements
  • police interviews
  • interrogations, hearings, judicial and extra-judicial mediations
  • meetings, symposia and international conferences

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