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Complex translation projects often demand a lot from all those involved: The files have to be transferred to the provider so that it can translate the content. In order to do away with this often time-consuming process, KERN offers its own independently developed REST API (API4client™), which makes the following possible:

  • Direct connection of your CMS or PIM system to our portal solution portal4client
  • Standardized file transfer and processing
  • Flexible and optimized management of large translation orders

Customer-specific solutions - tailored to your requirements

Our translation engineers guide the development of a plug-in or middleware so you can connect your system to an API - so manually importing and exporting individual documents is no longer necessary. This saves a significant amount of time. The direct connection of the REST API to portal4client™ makes it possible to exchange files and transfer all relevant project parameters to KERN. In this way, created projects can be automated from the customer system. The processing of an order in the API is based on status, which leads to security in the translation process and serves the status-dependent provision of functions in the API. Once the quality assurance of the translation has been completed and the translation finalized, the finished translation can be retrieved completely automatically from the client system via the REST API.

Depending on the system that is to be connected and its expansion options (e.g. by means of SDK) it is possible to create a plug-in with which basic information about the translation process can be transferred. This includes, for example, project creation triggered in the customer’s system, specifying the desired target languages, or real time transmission of the translation status, cost estimates or overviews of existing projects.

The connection between API4client™ and the customer’s system can actually be made without a plug-in. Therefore the middleware controls when new projects are created and which target languages they are translated into. For any other requirements for the translation process, it is possible to adapt the functions of API4client to your needs at any point.

Automated translation processes with portal4client™

Through using portal4client™, we guarantee a seamless and flexible collaboration that fulfills any needs our customers may have. With its extensive workflow component, integrated translation memory and terminology databases as well as process automation and file processing options, the portal solutions is the optimal basis for efficient translation management. API4client™ ensures direct communication between the client system and portal4client™, enabling an automated information exchange.

Consultation and documentation on the REST API

To make the connection to the API interface as simple as possible, KERN offers extensive REST API documentation. This lists available endpoints, as well as their correct use and the necessary parameters.


We will support you in the development of a plug in with a connection to the API interface for content management systems (CMS) or product information management systems (PIM).

The plug-in transfers the content to be translated directly from your CMS to our system via our API interface. As soon as the text has been translated and proof read, it is fed back into the CMS/PIM via the API.

A plug-in like this thus enables a considerably faster transfer of content, which eliminates the need for manually importing and exporting text. In this way, classic sources of error that can arise from copying and pasting can be avoided too. This saves time and money!

The following is a selection of the CMS and PIM systems for which we offer plug-ins:


The well-known online shop software enables the management of several e-shops from different domains and languages.


The CMS enables intuitive management of website content, among others of the multi-lingual back end and front end.


The CMS enables simple creation and management of blog entries. Language exports can be added through plug-ins


The CMS is used to organize websites and it enables various expansions for interfaces.


The CMS is used to create websites and contains various functions, such as language internationalization.

Adobe Xperience Manager

Content can be easily updated with the combination of CMS and Digital Asset Management.


Our connector is integrated into the CMS; this means that the multilingual content can be automatically transferred to the CMS.


The automation software offers things such as solutions for content creation. Our connector means that the translations can be efficiently managed.


Our connector for the CMS means that content is transferred automatically into our system, translated and then fed automatically into Magnolia.


The PIM solution means that optimized content can be delivered quickly and product data can be automatically imported.


The CMS Censhare enables easy management of content and processes. A connector means that translation orders can be processed automatically.

webshop4client™: Connection to the client’s catalogue system

By connecting webshop4client to your shop environment, language services can be ordered directly and order information is transmitted automatically to your ordering system. As a result of this, the entire ordering process is significantly simplified. This also guarantees a more efficient workflow: The shopping cart is filled with translation jobs and can be ordered with a single click. The relevant data (content of the shopping cart, cost centre, price) are then transmitted via either OCI or cXML punchout to your ordering system , which, if required, creates an order after processing and approval, meaning the translation can be commissioned immediately. Further processing of the project takes place in portal4client™ in a workflow-driven manner. You receive a notification as soon as the target files are available and can be downloaded.

This significantly increases the overall speed and efficiency of order processing.

The advantages of the webshop at a glance:

  • Easy-to-use webshop platform for translation requests and jobs
  • Quick order placement and confirmation without any intermediate steps
  • Intuitive query screen with file upload
  • Customer-specific selection of additional services
  • Automatic cost calculation for various file formats
  • More efficient order generation
  • Immediate order processing
  • Time and cost-effective management of your orders
  • Detailed overview of already posted inquiries and ongoing orders
  • OCI and cXML punchout for simple transfer of order-related information from the KERN webshop back to the customer’s own ERP system (order systems)
    • Tailored accesses: automated set-up of user-specific accesses for team members ensures secure access to selected projects.
    • Automatic registration: No pre-registration required – users are registered automatically when they log in for the first time.

We offer interfaces for various systems:

  • Inventory management systems
  • ERP systems/e-procurement systems
  • Individual adaptations are also possible upon request

The KERN webshop: efficient translation management

The KERN webshop makes it possible to place translation jobs in an intuitive shop environment and to transfer them to your OCI or cXML-compatible systems following an analysis and price calculation of the content to be translated. In addition to the interface function, the webshop also features a standard ordering process by which you can order the items placed in your shopping cart directly in the shop without switching to your own ordering system.

Would you like to learn more about webshop4client? We will be glad to advise you!

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