Translations for the retail and consumer sectors

Due to the continually changing requirements of customers, growing competition and variable market conditions, commercial enterprises must constantly rise to meet new challenges.
In our increasingly globalized world, the retail trade, which in the past was predominantly limited by region, is now taking on a new role. Online trade in particular is becoming increasingly more important. Many companies have realized that a global presence is necessary in order to remain competitive and gain new customers. Communication with international customers, suppliers and other partners in the target group’s native language is an important component of business success.
High-quality translation for the commercial and consumer sector is a key element for the future success of these companies.

KERN possesses wide-ranging experience in foreign-language communication for the fields of international trade and logistics.

Professional specialist translations for the retail sector

KERN helps you to successfully market your products on an international scale. In order to respond appropriately to potential customers and open up new markets, products must be adapted to the customer requirements of the respective target country. Taking into account a wide range of factors, such as culture, context, and distribution channel, your advertising messages, company website, and product design will be adapted to the target market in question without forgetting the importance of product recognizability. 
As a global player with in-depth knowledge of the retail and consumer sectors, we can also adapt your content and images to the respective region or culture/target audience.

Translation of texts from the trade and consumer sectors requires cultural knowledge as well as specialized knowledge of the fields of economics, marketing, finance and law. Translations of this type should only be carried out by specialist translators, who possess an awareness of distinctive regional features alongside language competency. They must also be very familiar with business customs in the country of origin and the target country.

As necessary, KERN also provides certified translations of your documents for presentation to authorities and courts. Now nothing will stand in the way of your company's global expansion. 

Which specialist translations does KERN Global Language Services offer for the commercial and consumer sector?

KERN Global Language Services is your trusted partner for specialist translations in the commercial and consumer sector. Our broad portfolio includes the precise rendering of a wide range of documents to ensure that your business interactions are smooth and efficient.

For commerce, we offer detailed translations of purchase and real estate contracts in order to ensure that legal agreements are clear and understandable. KERN Global Language Services also provides you with access to accurate translations of commercial register extracts to ensure that you have the latest information on companies.

Customs and cargo documentation are crucial for international trade. Our experts ensure precise translations so that you can guarantee smooth logistics processes. In addition, we provide comprehensive translations of trade regulations in order to ensure your company always acts in accordance with the applicable regulations.

KERN Global Language Services also supports you in the rendering of annual, interim and business reports, which can facilitate the exchange of business-critical information in different languages. Our specialist translators specialize in financial controlling, costing and accounting texts in order to ensure that your financial information is translated accurately and consistently.

For marketing materials, we provide customized translations to ensure your message is communicated clearly and effectively in international markets. KERN Global Language Services strives to offer you first-class technical translations that meet your specific requirements in the commercial and consumer sector.

Which documents are usually translated for commerce?

KERN Global Language Services is your expert in translations for the commercial and consumer sector. In doing so, we respond individually to your wishes and always offer the highest quality by our experts. The following document types are often requested for translation:

•    Purchase and real estate contracts
•    Extracts from the commercial register
•    Customs and cargo documentation
•    Trade regulations
•    Annual, interim and business reports
•    Texts about financial controlling, costing and accounting
•    Marketing documents

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