• Employee assignment

    Employee assignment

    We’d be happy to provide you with editors, interpreters and translators.

Customized support for all your language needs

Are you looking for technical editors, interpreters or translators who can assist you in a target-oriented manner when your order volume is particularly high, when time is of the essence or as part of long-term projects?

As a full-service provider with more than 50 years of experience in foreign-language communication and more than 50 locations worldwide, KERN provides professional support with your technical communication projects. We'd be happy to provide you with highly qualified interpreters for international conferences, trade fair appearances, press conferences or court trials.

Our technical editors, interpreters and translators are also available for short-term and long-term projects. Our team will provide you with comprehensive advice and will find out, with your help, who can support you best with your project or with whatever you have in mind. You will profit from qualified advice and at the same time, you maintain full flexibility in the manner in which your specialist is utilized. If you desire, our experts may also work on-site in your company.

Your benefits at a glance:

The experts at KERN Global Language Services possess the necessary specialist know-how. Additionally, we can offer you a wide range of branches that our editors, translators and interpreters are able to cover. Long periods of induction can be omitted due to their expertise and many years of experience. This means that you can quickly profit from your specialist and you can plan and carry out your project efficiently.

  • Responsibility:As an employer, we bear responsibility for our temporary staff. Job security and lawful conduct in every aspect and at any time therefore form the cornerstones of our work.
  • Experience across industries: We know the various challenges of the most diverse industries in detail.
  • Cost transparency
  • Domain-specific know-how
  • Continuing education and training for our technical editors, translators and interpreters
  • Specialists on site: Editors, translators and interpreters can work directly in your company or at your event.

Partnership with IZS

We are aware of our duty towards our temporary employees. We are partnered with IZS, the Institute for Payment Security. This means that we offer total transparency about detailed risk information and proof of our reliability Find out more here: www.izs.de/kern-ag

Together, we are working on the successful completion of your project while being totally transparent about the cost!

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