• Our software partners for translation

    KERN Global Language Services works with various translation softwares.

Our software partners for translation

KERN Global Language Services works with various translation softwares to always guarantee precise translations and efficient translation processes. This significantly simplifies the management of larger translation projects and enables flexible workflow management.

Here you will find an overview of our systems:

Information on portal4client™

portal4client is a translation portal for companies that enables the independent handling and managing of the translation process. This results in lower translation costs, increases the quality, and the processes are significantly more efficient. In addition, portal4client™ simplifies and accelerates the localization process. Through this, work on large translation projects in particular is optimized: The translation software offers the management of translation memories and terminology, significantly increasing the quality of translations. In addition, content that has already been translated can be reused, imaging costs savings possible.

Translators have direct access to the contents. The link with many content management systems is also given. All in all, portal4client makes working together as a team much easier.

Information on SDL Trados Studio

The translation memory system SDL Trados Studio supports users in their translation processes and enables and efficient and faster management and correction of translation projects and company terminology. Texts that have already been translated can be used again.

In addition the software offers dictionaries, glossaries and quality control- Efficient and productive teamwork is made possible by special functions for project management. 

Machine translation can also be used with the help of Trados Studio. The self-learning technology can be integrated into translation workflows and increases productivity.

Information on Across Systems GmbH

Across Systems GmbH is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server. This offers a central software platform for all language resources and translation processes in a company.

It simplifies, accelerates and improves control, coordination and implementation of translations. The software includes - amongst other things - a translation memory and terminology database as well as powerful tools for project management and workflow control of translations. Consistent processes are also enabled which allows clients, agents and translators to work together seamlessly.

Information on MemoQ

MemoQ is a translation software that supports users in flexible workflow management and project tracking. In addition, automatic quality checks are consistently carried out. MemoQ also offers translation memories which directly suggest already translated identical sentences, which saves a lot of time, increases efficiency, and saves money.

Information on Transit

The translation memory system Transit offers users a tool for translation and localisation. The software accelerates the translation process via translation memories, where new translations are created on the basis of already existing translations. The constant reuse of already existing content particularly supports the translator in efficiency, and also helps reduce costs. Transit supports a great number of formats, which is why you can still benefit from other translations, even if the format is different.

Regardless of the translation software selected, we are able to find customized solutions that meet your requirements and can be seamlessly integrated. At KERN, we place great importance on the quality and efficiency of the tools we use to ensure that you always achieve the best possible results.

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