Proofreading and editing in all world languages

In order to convey the exact wording of the source language in the target language within texts to be published, the proofreading and editing performed by our proofreaders is appropriate, sensible and necessary. They revise the translation to produce a logical and correct translation of the source text and check that the translation is complete and accurate. They check the translations for the correct and consistent use of specified terminology using translation memory systems and terminology databases.

When proofreading, the main focus is on formal aspects of the target text. Our proofreaders immediately correct any spelling and punctuation errors they identify. In the case of publishing and printing, the translations must be thoroughly edited and proofread. Needless to say, whether editing and proofreading are required ultimately depends on the purpose of the translation and how it will be used.

Text design and adaptations

KERN designs advertising and publication texts, slogans, and instruction manuals according to your specifications. Texts are translated to suit the target country and adapted to their target audience. For this purpose, KERN usually creates suggestions and variations for a text, which are then discussed in detail with you. The text can then be checked again in relation to the market in the relevant country, in order to integrate possible cultural aspects into the adaptation.