Translations for the energy sector

Protecting the climate and ensuring a secure energy supply are two of the biggest global challenges. When it comes to energy production and generation, complex international political, economic, financial and technical requirements must be met. Effective communication is particularly important in foreign languages.

KERN Global Language Services has been serving leading companies from all areas of the energy sector worldwide as customers for many years. These companies are active, among other things, in the extraction and processing of raw materials, energy production, plant manufacturing, plant safety and energy distribution. We also support regulatory authorities and institutions with our high-quality translation services. 

For more than 50 years, KERN Global Language Services has been meeting the growing challenges of an ever-stronger international and European integration of the energy industry, and has tailored its processes in coordination with the work stages of the respective customers, and implemented these processes efficiently.

Which specialist translations does KERN Global Language Services offer for the energy industry?

KERN Global Language Services has extensive experience in translating specialist texts in energy and energy technology, regardless of their scope and subject area. KERN Global Language Services is particularly specialized in the following topics:

  • Primary energy sources
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Conventional power generation
  • Plant construction
  • Energy storage and transportation
  • Human Resources
  • Legal, contractual, and financial affairs
  • Environmental and energy efficiency
  • Energy trading and sales

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Terminology management for translations for the energy sector

KERN's specialist translators use relevant terminology databases, technical dictionaries and glossaries that help them to correctly convey the message of the source text to the respective target audience. In addition to this kind of cross-client terminology support, KERN Global Language Services works with you to create, maintain, clean up and supplement company-specific terminology databases, which help to define the know-how of your company as well as distinguish you from the competition. For example, we provide these databases via an online terminology portal, making access as easy as possible.

Process optimization for specialist translations in the energy sector

Considering the high volume of documentation involved in the energy sector, which requires frequent updates and the repeated use of similar passages of text, the use of translation memory systems is simply indispensable as a translation aid. KERN Global Language Services works closely with you and your partners to closely coordinate the processes. The translation process is not only oriented towards costs and expenses, but can also be standardized and automated. We already use various online portals to transfer data securely and efficiently, as well as an automated web-based interface that displays offers and orders. Our Express Service allows you to keep to the tightest of deadlines – completely irrespective of the scope and complexity of the texts.

The confidential handling of your documents while respecting any relevant export restrictions and obtaining authorization for export and/or shipment is a matter of course for us at KERN.

Quality management of specialist translations in the energy industry

A KERN project management team, tailored to meet the needs of customers from the energy sector, the deployment of suitable specialist translators, editors and the effective creation and use of customer and subject-specific terminology and translation memory databases ensure the production of high-quality and targeted translations. In the process, we ensure that the meaning of the source text is fully and correctly rendered in the target language, the translation is clearly worded without spelling or grammatical mistakes, and the terminology is correct and consistent.
Furthermore, quality assurance functions provide support during the proofreading phase and thus ensure that we catch even those mistakes which are not always noticed by human proofreaders, such as inconsistencies between different documents. In addition, content is adapted to the specific linguistic, cultural, and legal requirements of the target market, and the text layout of the translation matched to that of the source text.

In which subject-specific topics has KERN Global Language Services specialized in terms of translations for the energy industry?

KERN AG offers extensive experience of translating specialized texts from the energy industry, irrespective of their scope or technicality. We specialize in the following topics in particular:

  • Primary energy production: promotion of fossil energy sources; renewable energies such as sun, wind, water, biomass, geothermal energy; nuclear energy
  • Traditional power generation: coal, lignite, nuclear, gas turbine and oil power plants, fuel cells
  • Renewable energy: wind and bio energy, hydropower and ocean energy, geothermal, photovoltaic and solar thermal
  • Plant construction: new plant construction and conversion, maintenance, modernization, extension of running time, approval procedures, equipment, use and utilization
  • Energy storage and transport: supply networks, high-voltage lines, transformers, protective technology
  • Energy trade and distribution: import and export, federal and EU energy policy, energy supply
  • Environment and energy efficiency: energy production from waste with cogeneration, CO2 reduction technologies, climate protection and sustainable energy, energy use in the private household, reactor safety, hazard protection, risk management
  • Legal, contractual and financial activities: final energy use and utilization, energy balances, energy and economic evaluation methods, emission guidelines, electricity supply contracts, district heating contracts, federal tariff regulations, electricity, electricity generation laws, renewable energy law, nuclear and nuclear phase-out law
  • Human resources: human resources planning, internal communication, occupational safety, contracts

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