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In the complex world of intellectual property, accurate and technically correct translations are essential to protect and market innovations globally. KERN Global Language Services recognizes the critical importance of these requirements and provides high-quality translations for patent applicants, intellectual property departments and patent law firms. Our service includes not only the translation of patent documentation, but also the careful adaptation to the specific legal and technical standards of each target country.

Whether you need a precise translation for an international patent in English, German, French or another language - KERN Global Language Services covers a wide spectrum. With a team of experienced translators who are knowledgeable in various technical and scientific fields, we provide multilingual translations while ensuring maximum accuracy, consistency and terminological precision. Our comprehensive language services include the taking into account of all the nuances and subtleties necessary for the successful patent application and defense in different legal systems.

Professional patent translations by KERN Global Language Services

Accuracy and terminological precision are essential in the translation of patent documents. Even the smallest translation errors can have serious consequences for the application, enforcement or use of a patent. In this highly sensitive area, it is not only a question of correct syntax and punctuation, but above all of using exact specialist terminology to ensure the clarity and legal unambiguity of a patent in any target language.

At KERN Global Language Services, your patents are in safe hands. We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality in patent translation and undertake to handle your documents and information with the utmost care and security. Our services include legally secure and high-quality patent translations in a wide range of languages. In order to demonstrate our competence and reliability, we are happy to offer you a non-binding and free offer.

You can rely on the expertise of KERN Global Language Services to promote international recognition and enforcement of your patents. We help you to overcome language barriers and make your innovative ideas accessible worldwide by ensuring the integrity and protection of your intellectual property rights in a constantly changing global context.
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Frequently asked questions about patent translation

Which specialist areas does KERN Global Language Services serve in patent translations?

At KERN Global Language Services, we cover a wide range of specialized areas of patent translations in order to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Our expertise spans numerous technical fields, including:

  • Electrical engineering: We provide precise translations of patents in the field of electrical engineering concerning innovations in electronics, electromechanics and electrical systems.
  • Mechanical engineering: Our team specializes in the translation of patent documents dealing with innovations in the design, development and production of machines and mechanical systems.
  • Telecommunications: In this fast-moving sector, we translate patents that focus on the latest developments in transmission technology, network infrastructure and communications equipment.
  • EDP (electronic data processing): We master the complex terminology of EDP and ensure accurate translations of patents dealing with data processing systems, hardware and their applications.
  • Software: The translation of software patents requires a deep understanding of programming languages and software architectures, which we ensure through our specialized translators.

What services does KERN Global Language Services offer in the area of patent translations?

KERN Global Language Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of patent translations to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our services include:

  • Use of patent-specific technical language: We guarantee the correct application of the specific terminology required for the respective patent application in order to ensure the precision and legal validity of your patents.
  • Content structure of patent specifications: Our experts are familiar with the structural requirements of patent specifications and ensure a correct reproduction of the content structure in the target language.
  • Vocabulary of the respective patent class: Each subject has its own specific vocabulary, especially in the different patent classes. We ensure that the correct vocabulary is used to maintain the uniqueness and validity of your patents.
  • Layout creation and editing of patent drawings and specifications: In addition to the text translation, we also take care of the visual aspects of your patent specifications, including the professional processing and adaptation of patent drawings.
  • All disciplines: Our range of services covers all relevant technical and scientific disciplines, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, EDP and software, to name but a few.
  • Patent translations in all languages: With a global network of specialized translators, we offer patent translation into almost any language you want in order to support your international protection and presence.

Through these comprehensive services, KERN Global Language Services ensures that your patents are not only linguistically conveyed, but also that their content and visuals are conveyed exactly too. In this way, you can rely on your innovations to be protected and recognized worldwide.

Is it possible to certify the patent translation?

If certification of your patent translation is necessary, KERN Global Language Services offers suitable solutions. We can ensure certification by a sworn translator or issue a so-called Translator’s Certificate, depending on the requirements of your target country and the corresponding patent office. A certified translation of your patent application ensures the official recognition of your document and its deployability in legal contexts. Certification also confirms the authenticity and precision of the translation, which minimizes the risk of misunderstanding or legal difficulties. With the expertise and comprehensive services of KERN Global Language Services, your patent documentation will be professionally and reliably certified.

What are the requirements for translating a patent?

The translation of a patent requires specific requirements that go beyond the usual linguistic competence. An essential prerequisite is a thorough understanding of the legal framework, especially the patent system, within the respective legal system. This body of legal experience must be combined with a high level of technical or scientific expertise in the field of patents in order to accurately translate both the legal and the technical aspects.

In addition, a patent translation requires adherence to specific formal requirements and rules, which may vary from legal system to legal system. A prominent example of this is EU requirement rule 51 of the European Patent Convention (EPC), which provides detailed guidance on the form and content of patent applications. In addition to such rules-based requirements, the stylistic conventions and the specific vocabulary of the respective patent class must also be taken into account in order to ensure the unambiguity and legal validity of the patent in the target language.

Meeting these complex requirements requires not only linguistic expertise, but also an interdisciplinary understanding and the ability to express oneself precisely in the respective fields. Patent translators must therefore be able to both understand and correctly translate complex technical concepts and legal subtleties. KERN Global Language Services ensures that these requirements are met in every patent translation in order to support the protection and international recognition of your innovations.

What qualifications do patent translators have?

KERN Global Language Services’ patent translators are characterized by an exceptional level of expertise and qualifications. They are not only experienced professionals in their respective technical or scientific fields, but also have a sound legal background that is specifically geared to the requirements and complexities of patent documentation. Many of our translators are themselves engineers or scientists who have studied the world of patents intensively and therefore have a deep understanding of the subject matter.

In addition to their technical expertise, our patent translators are trained in the intricacies of patent terminology and are always up to date with developments in their field of expertise and the corresponding legal framework. This allows them to produce accurate and legally compliant translations that meet the needs of patent offices worldwide. The combination of technical know-how, legal understanding and linguistic precision ensures that your patents are translated correctly to ensure the best possible protection and recognition of your inventions and intellectual property rights.

Professional patent translations at KERN Global Language Services

Your patents are in safe hands with us. We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality and do everything we can to keep your documents and information safe and secure.

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