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    Translation management with translation memory connection that enables centralized and efficient control of translation projects. 

portal4client™ – The portal for efficient translation management

Especially with large translation volumes, using the server-based platform with translation memory connection is a viable option. This enables professional management of your translation projects in order to ensure a faster availability of multilingual information. 

The web-based customer portal portal4client™ was developed with the aim of optimizing assignment placement, communication, documentation and translation management processes by integrating all those involved.

Quality oriented translation management through process reliability

If translation projects always follow the same workflow on the basis of constant parameters, the setting of these framework conditions allow automation of repeated sub-processes as well as optimal planning of the entire process. At the same time, workflow and project parameters can be flexibly extended and adjusted.

Efficient workflow management for your translation projects

With portal4client™, all of your translation projects can be organized from order placement to project assignment and file upload and download up until final review by external language proofers via an online editor tool. With optimized process flows, you can combine company knowledge and save costs significantly even with complex translation projects.

Combination of company knowledge through centralization of translation management

In the request portal, all participants have an overview of the current project and its processing status at all times. As soon as the project is concluded, you can download the translated files via the portal.

On request, the saved translations and proofed texts with access to the customer-specific TM and approval option of translations can also be made available to the client over the portal. In this way. you can involve different contact points in the approval process, for example in international branches. In this way, the laborious manual maintenance of TM databases after project completion is avoided, as all participants in the translation process have access to the same language resources on one platform.

Direct access to the terminology database

We elaborate on your company-specific specialist vocabulary with you and prepare the correct information for the database. The group access to company terminology increases terminological consistency and therefore the quality of translations.

Customer-specific solution

In order to manage your translation needs in the best way possible, generally individual solutions are needed. A protected access version of portal4client™ can be individually configured for regular customers. In this way, KERN offers a tailored portal solution, with noticeably reduced transaction costs and administrative effort for you where possible.

Portal extension Flexible and time-efficient project processing

Through the new extension of portal4client™ you can profit from even more flexible project processing. You can input data relevant to your project at any time, even when the project is already being processed.

Your benefits:

  • Additional reduction of project-related email traffic
  • Even easier inclusion of information and files that belong to a project but are not available when a project is created (e.g. revisions or an order number/cost center when the project is commissioned).

Connection to further translation management systems

Alongside our own portal solution portal4client™, we can connect our translation technologies (including translation memory systems) to various further translation management systems, if you are already using them.

  • Smartling
  • Lokalise
  • XTM
  • Memsource
  • Phrase

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