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Specialist translations are primarily concerned with the translation of scientific and technical texts. Specialist translations are becoming increasingly important, especially for companies. This is because the need for effective communication in different languages and cultures is becoming increasingly important.

Do you need a professional specialist translation? With KERN, you have a certified translation service provider for various specialist areas at your side.

We attach great importance to qualified specialist translators to ensure that the specialist translations address the respective target group. Translators who translate into their native language ensure a high standard of quality. In addition to linguistic competence, however, knowledge of the respective specialist field is also essential.

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Specialist translations in various subject areas

Specialist translations play a crucial role in transferring information accurately and correctly. In special industries, very good language skills are often not enough for a high-quality translation. A text is only perceived as professional and authentic when the language of the target group has been used.

KERN AG has created the necessary framework conditions to be able to offer high-quality translations in all specialist areas.

Why commission specialist translations from KERN?

Native language principle

Within their particular areas of expertise, KERN’s professional industry experts always translate into their native language from various working languages. Although this is even more relevant with regard to specialist translations, it also applies to general translations, meaning that our translators can translate all aspects of the original text with the required linguistic awareness. 

A global network of well-connected specialist translators

Thanks to rapid progress in the areas of economics, science and technology, specialized terminology is being created and supplemented on an almost daily basis. The range of established translators who work in specialized fields is therefore on the one hand limited and on the other hand an essential prerequisite for an optimal result. KERN employs over 8,500 specialist translators, interpreters and language trainers worldwide, meaning that it can handle all orders in an appropriate manner. 

Certified quality with specialist translations

Our translators have an academic or equivalent qualification that took several years to complete as well as at least 4 years of practical experience. Comprehensive professional expertise, precise knowledge and the correct use of technical tools round off the positive image conveyed by our translators. In addition, KERN's certification according to ISO 17100 and DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees seamless quality management throughout the entire translation process.

What is a specialized translation?

Specialized translations are professional language services in which texts are translated from a source language into a target language. Specialist terminology and context are taken into account. These are usually translations of technical, scientific, medical, legal or business documents that require a high level of specialist knowledge. 

Can machine translations be used for specialized translations?

To ensure a high standard of quality and authenticity, specialized translations should always be handled by qualified human translators.

What role does cultural sensitivity play in specialized translations?

Cultural sensitivity is important in order to convey the content correctly, comprehensibly and appropriately in the cultural context of the target group. Our specialized translators take these aspects into account when translating.

Frequently asked questions about specialized translations

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