• Specialized translations for legal matters

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    More than 50 years of specialized translations for the legal sector

Translation and interpreting for legal matters

For over fifty years now, KERN has been working with attorneys, legal departments, notaries, tax advisors, courts, authorities, and private clients to answer all their questions regarding foreign-language communication. You can find further information on the translation agency KERN Global Language Services in this information leaflet.

KERN offers extensive experience of translating specialist legal texts, irrespective of their scope or technicality. KERN specializes in the following topics in particular:
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Passports and other forms of identification document
  • Business agreements, transcripts for meetings and negotiations, issue prospectuses, and financial documents
  • Patent specifications and applications, documents involving technological development, and patent claims
  • Summonses, writs, court rulings, statements under oath, affidavits, and attestations
  • Auditors' and expert reports
  • Balance sheets as well as profit and loss accounts
  • Wills and powers of attorney
  • Property handover certificates and rental agreements
  • Performance records, certificates, account statements, and documents relating to citizenship or asylum
  • Insolvency records and documents

Foreign language services in the legal sector

KERN Global Language Services has been helping lawyers, legal departments, notaries, tax advisors, courts and authorities with all issues regarding communication in foreign languages for over 50 years.