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    Specialized translations tailored to the logistic and transport sector.

Specialist translations tailored to the logistics and transport sector

The complex cross-border requirements of logistical processes – whether it’s in automotive logistics, food logistics, spare parts services or branch logistics – can often only be met through effective foreign-language communication in the form of specialist translations. This is because, alongside conventional handling services and transportation by road, rail, air or sea, complex supply chain processes are increasingly networked, planned, carried out and monitored on an international level. KERN Global Language Services has been supporting businesses in the field of logistics and transport for over 50 years now, rising to the challenges posed by increasingly strong international networking in the sector.

Professional specialist translations tailored to the logistics and transport sector

KERN Global Language Services offers you a wide range of state-of-the-art software solutions to meet your requirements. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes:

Development of customized terminology databases
Leverage our knowledge in building customer-specific terminology databases.
We use innovative techniques, such as terminology extraction and the merger of existing terminology assets, to ensure that your specific requirements are met.

Effective creation, maintenance, supplementation and cleaning up of terminology assets
You can rely on our team’s expertise to manage your terminology data effectively and continuously.
We provide extensive support in creating, maintaining, supplementing and cleaning up your terminology assets to ensure language consistency.

Terminology provision (web or file based)
Enjoy the flexibility of either web-based or file-based terminology provision. Our solutions provide seamless access to terminology data, tailored to your preferences and needs.

With our focus on state-of-the-art technologies and customized solutions, KERN Global Language Services helps you to effectively manage your terminology and ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your business processes.

Which documents are often translated for the logistics and transport industry?

Our range of services includes the translation of various document types, including:

  • Order confirmations
  • Instructions for warehouse workers and drivers
  • Advertising flyers
  • Receipt confirmations
  • Waybills
  • Delivery notes
  • Business letters
  • Customs documents
  • Transport documents
  • Quality management documents
  • Technical translations in the area of warehousing and logistics
  • Certificates

Terminology management for specialist translations for the logistics and transport industry

Our KERN logistics translators use specialized terminology databases, dictionaries and glossaries to communicate your company’s unique selling propositions in top-class language quality in any world language.

In close cooperation with your company, KERN Global Language Services establishes an individual terminology database, which serves to linguistically harmonize industry-specific knowledge. The KERN Translation Engineering team manages and maintains the language data and checks your translations for consistent application of your terminology guidelines.
Translation memory systems can be used to re-use translated material and synchronize it with current terminology. This enables efficient review processes and document updates, saving time and money.
Seamless integration of terminology and translation memory databases into the translation environment allows for automated content update and maintenance of the databases. This leads to significant cost savings and a successful integration of the translation process into your business processes.

KERN Global Language Services offers you a comprehensive portfolio of services using modern software solutions:

  • Development of customer-specific terminology databases through extraction and/or the merging of existing terminology assets
  • Effective creation, maintenance, supplementation and cleaning up of terminology assets
  • Provision of terminology on a web or file basis

Process optimization of specialist translations for the logistics and transport industry

Even in the case of projects with tight deadlines, KERN Global Language Services can ensure that the deadlines set are adhered to, regardless of the text size and the degree of difficulty. Our express service enables the realization of projects of any size. In particular, when dealing with complex processes and a large amount of documentation requirements, tailor-made workflow management solutions such as the web-based KERN portal4client™ portal solution and translation memory systems prove to be extremely beneficial.

Thanks to the application of these specialized technologies, we are able to accelerate the translation process, especially in the case of large volumes of text with recurring passages, for example in consignment notes, delivery conditions or item descriptions for catalogs and e-commerce. This not only leads to greater terminology and style consistency, but also enables you to deliver relevant information at the right time.

Quality management of specialist translations for the logistics and transport industry

The project managers of KERN Global Language Services have extensive experience in the translation of all types of texts in the field of logistics and transport. This ensures that the right specialist translators and reviewers are used for your projects. Our translation management portal is designed individually for you and provides all participants with up-to-date information on the progress of your project.

We ensure linguistic consistency through the use of translation memory systems and terminology databases. In addition, the translation is thoroughly checked in terms of style, spelling and completeness. Even the most complex translation requirements are taken into consideration in the quality assurance process. A catalog of rules and jointly defined quality parameters is used, which makes quality assurance not only more transparent, but also multi-stage if desired.

Automated quality assurance functions also assist in the review phase, helping to identify errors that cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as inconsistencies between documents. In addition, content will be adapted to the linguistic, cultural and legal realities of the target market and the translation text layout will also be optimized.

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