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    We offer comprehensive technical translations for the aerospace industry.

Specialist translations in the aerospace industry

International cooperation in aerospace engineering opens up new market opportunities worldwide. The high demand for specialist translations in this sector reflects the complexity of technical documentation, ranging from production and maintenance to the marketing of aircraft and components. Efficient strategies and solutions are essential to meet these needs. Numerous leading manufacturers of large aircraft and helicopters, suppliers, manufacturers of fiber materials, propulsion technology and airshipyards rely on KERN Global Language Services’ translations in the area of aerospace engineering.

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Which specialist translations does KERN Global Language Services offer for aerospace engineering?

Technicians worldwide are faced with the challenge of mastering and maintaining complex aerospace systems. The technical documentation is not only produced for local markets, but must also be internationally consistent and comprehensible, and in compliance with the respective legal provisions.
KERN Global Language Services can support you in accomplishing this complex task. Delays to product launches are a thing of the past. International sales markets can be better reached and competitiveness increased.

In addition to transport and engineering aspects, specific topics from the fields of law, mathematics, economics and environmental engineering also play a key role in translations in the aerospace sector. Our editors guarantee you the highest quality and can also draw on years of experience from these specialist fields.

Do you need support for high-quality translation services for your aerospace company or do you have further questions about the services of KERN Global Language Services? Feel free to contact us!

In which subject areas has KERN Global Language Services specialized when it comes to translations for aerospace engineering?

KERN Global Language Services has extensive experience in the interdisciplinary translation of scientific specialist texts and specializes in the following areas:

  • Transport, process, and environmental technology
  • Research and study
  • Industrial aircraft manufacturing
  • Legal texts
  • Materials science/fibrous materials
  • Physics
  • Terminology management

Terminology management in aerospace engineering specialist translations

Consistency and accuracy are of particular importance in technical translations. For example, several designs are often developed from one type of aircraft, each tailored to the customer’s needs.

KERN Global Language Services will work closely with you to create, maintain, clean up and supplement databases, glossaries and terminology lists, for example on the basis of NASA and ECSS terminology, to ensure that the technical development of an aircraft is supported by thorough documentation. The same goes for longer-term international collaboration: KERN oversees the conception and implementation of complex aviation projects, often over several years, and guarantees a high degree of continuity in the terminology used.

In which specialist topics has KERN Global Language Services specialized when it comes to translations for aerospace engineering?

KERN Global Language Services has focused its expertise in particular on key areas in the context of aerospace engineering. This includes industrial aircraft construction, which includes aspects such as the design, maintenance and servicing of aircraft. In the field of physics, KERN Global Language Services focuses on demanding topics such as material physics in space, the physics of the atmosphere, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Another focus is on materials science and fiber materials science, with expertise in glass fiber plastics, carbon fiber plastics, fiber composites and thermoplastics.

In addition, KERN Global Language Services specializes in traffic, process and environmental engineering, including flight system technology, simulation and software technology as well as combustion and gas turbine technology. Research and study also occupy an important place, with KERN Global Language Services contributing its expertise in construction and design research, safety research as well as in the preparation of test reports and test procedures. Last but not least, KERN Global Language Services focuses on the precise translation of legal texts, including cooperation agreements and maintenance guidelines. This broad specialization ensures that KERN Global Language Services can support its customers comprehensively and competently in the field of aerospace engineering.

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