Specialist translations in the aerospace industry

International collaboration in the aerospace industry is paving the way for new opportunities on the market. The demand for subject-specific translations in this area of the economy is very high. Due to the extensive technical documentation involved in, for example, the production, maintenance and marketing of aeroplanes and their component parts, the translation process needs to be streamlined through efficient strategies and solutions. A whole host of leading commercial aeroplane and helicopter manufacturers, including their suppliers, makers of fibrous materials and drive train technologies, and heads of aviation maintenance bases: these are some of the people and organisations who place their trust in KERN's technical aerospace translations.

KERN's technical translations will help you to soar

KERN's technical translations will help you to soar

Technicians from all over the world have to be in a position to command and maintain complex aerospace systems. Technical documentation is thus produced for regional markets across the globe and must be transferred into the appropriate languages in a clear and consistent fashion. It must also adhere to the legal stipulations of each individual country.

KERN Global Language Services will support you in fulfilling this complex task. This makes delays in product launches a thing of the past. International markets can be better reached and competitiveness increased.

Fasten your seatbelts, we're ready for take-off!

Aside from the central topics of transportation and engineering, translations in the field of aerospace technology also demand an awareness of very particular branches of law, mathematics, economics and environmental technology. KERN offers a wide range of experience in the interdisciplinary translation of specialised scientific texts.

KERN Global Language Services specialises in the following topics in particular:

Terminology management

Consistency and accuracy are of particular importance in technical translations. For example, several different explanations tailored to specific customer requirements are often developed for just one type of aircraft.

KERN will work closely with you to improve databases, glossaries and terminology lists – whether this means creating them from scratch, developing them or simply tidying them up. This might be done, for example, in accordance with NASA and ECSS terminology, to ensure that the technical development of an aeroplane is supported by thorough documentation. The same goes for longer-term international collaboration: KERN oversees the conception and implementation of complex aviation projects, often over several years, and guarantees a high degree of continuity in the terminology used.