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KERN Global Language Services offers a professional transcription service to capture German or foreign-language audio or video material in writing. A transcription is the writing down of spoken texts and situations from audio and video recordings, which are available as audio CDs, DVDs, and MP3 files or other file formats, such as Wave. The variety of texts which need to be recorded in writing ranges from video conferences, telephone interviews as a data collection strategy in social research and interviews for films and television productions to series of lectures.

We require the following information from you:

  • In what format is the audio material available?
  • How many minutes/hours of audio material are there?
  • What kind of audio material is it (interviews, sections of presentations, etc.)?
  • What is the purpose of the transcription?
  • Do you have any particular formatting requests or transcription rules?
  • What file format is required for the transcribed text?
  • Do you require a translation after the transcription?

Automatic speech recognition (ASR): Machine transcription

Recording, post-editing and publishing online: The creation of media content has never been as simple as today. Apart from being used in media production, audio and video content plays an increasingly important role particularly in business communication. However, the new possibilities also pose new challenges to companies. Often, they need to obtain a quick overview of what has been said to enable them to make the correct decisions.

With the machine transcription from KERN, we can create a raw transcript in just a few clicks. This subsequent human editing is even more reliable - it offers up to 99% accuracy! Our experienced language experts listen intently for you and transfer the content, where necessary, into all the desired target languages.

What are the requirements for automatic transcription?

Particularly when the audio quality is good, the number of interferences is low and the speakers speak without an accent, ASR can produce good results. This means that the transcription of professionally produced media segments has more chance of success that the transcription of an audio file of a speech recorded on a mobile phone where the speaker is speaking in their second language.

When is human post-processing needed?

Human post-processing is advantageous for transcriptions that are to be translated or that are to be used for subtitles. Alongside the required foreign language, the subtitles must include the time code so that they appear at the right moment. The length of the text is of critical importance here and the highest level of precision is required during translation. The translators and transcribers of KERN Global Language Services are trained for this and have many years of experience in the area of subtitling!

We will take the special elements of your transcription into account and we will be pleased to advise you which services are appropriate for your project! Simply contact us more more information.

Foreign-language voice recording

Foreign language editing of audiovisual material is a complex process which requires input from many specialists including transcribers, cutters, translators of texts, casting specialists, editors, professional dubbing artists, sound engineers, and linguists who can monitor the quality during the foreign language recording in a recording studio which has the most up-to-date technology.

KERN works closely with specialists in all fields and as a full service provider, can guarantee the highest level of service for sound recording, subtitling, voice-over implementation and synchronisation From industry films, advertising films and promotional films to videos or CDs and audio tapes, we can fulfil any type of order to your full satisfaction. Foreign language translation of the original text is adapted for the film or audio material in advance. By doing this you will receive results that are comparable to recordings produced in the target language.

Benefit from our expertise and get in touch with us to discuss any challenges that you may have in this field.

Subtitling: Translation of your audiovisual content!

To make media content, such as films or videos available to a broad international audience, subtitles in various languages are required. When translating subtitles, countless aspects need to be taken into account:

  • The subtitles may not exceed a certain length or character count. Otherwise, they cover the picture.
  • The showing of the subtitles and the speed of the speaker must be in sync.
  • The translation of the dialogue/speech must be short and concise.
  • The intention of the speakers, the mood and emotions must be ideally conveyed.
  • The use of a special software is necessary in order to create, edit or adapt subtitles.

To ensure that the subtitles are of the right quality and that the accuracy of the speech/dialogue is conveyed successfully in the foreign language, the expertise of professional translators is required. Translation of subtitles therefore not only requires linguistic competencies but also expertise when it comes to handling software for subtitling. KERN’s experts possess comprehensive experience in the area of subtitling and can optimally support you with your projects, regardless of whether they are long-term or short-term projects. We merely need your video material. Then, our translators and video editors can get started!

For what films do we offer subtitling?

  • Training videos
  • Image films
  • Product presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Company videos
  • Promotional films
  • Webinars
  • and much more

What particularities do I need to consider?

  • Genre
  • Target group
  • Dialects
  • Humour
  • Rhymes
  • Accents