• Business report translations

    Translation of your business report!

    In all requested languages, even as express translation if required!

Professional translation of business reports!

Your require your business report in multiple languages?

We offer you to translate your business reports, annual financial statements or balance sheets - in all world languages: This way, your business report and the comprehensive information and data contained therein is accessible to all interested parties!

Our professional team of specialist translators has the necessary expertise and experience in the areas of law and finance. In addition, the use of a translation memory system might be beneficial to ensure the consistent use of terminology. Furthermore, this helps to implement updates to the business report faster, which will save you time and costs in the long term!

Machine translation: Domain-specific engine for business reports and finance

Depending on the project, the use of specialised machine translation engines based on artificial intelligence might be a viable option. This allows domain-specific translation projects to be implemented even better. With our developed finance engine, you benefit from optimal machine translation results for business reports and financial statements. Our MT4client™ machine translation software is regularly subjected to industry-specific training. As a result of the extensions for the finance area, we have an engine that has been specifically trained for the translation of business reports. Linguistic particularities relating to financial communication in the source language are initially correctly identified and subsequently precisely rendered in the target language under consideration of the specific terminology. 

Express translations

Your business report has to be translated as quickly as possible? No problem - our express service offers you an express translation of your project!

Certified translations

If you require a certified translation, we will assign your project to a sworn specialist translator. They are legally authorised to confirm that translations are complete and accurate as well as to certify them.