• Website translations

    Website translations

    The basic prerequisite for successfully tapping into international target markets.

A linguistically, culturally and technically localised web presence is essential for an internationally expanding company to successfully position itself in its target markets. Often, the professionally translated website serves as the first source of information for potential business partners: It is not uncommon that the customer based on the impression of the website makes a decision about whether or not to establish contact.

Professionelle Websitelokalisierung geht weit über einfache Websiteübersetzung hinaus: sie bedeutet kulturelle Anpassung, technische Optimierung und SEO-Feinschliff. In einer Zeit, in der eine hervorragende Online-Präsenz entscheidend ist, um sich von der Konkurrenz abzuheben, ist eine lokalisierte Website der Schlüssel zum internationalen Erfolg. Sie ist nicht nur ein Zeichen von Respekt gegenüber verschiedenen Kulturen, sondern auch eine Investition in nachhaltiges Wachstum und globale Sichtbarkeit für jedes Unternehmen.

Website translation and localisation

Translation of websites in TYPO3

TYPO3 is one of the most flexible and commonly used content management systems (CMS). It is perfectly suitable for the creation and management of scaling and multilingual websites. Multilingual content can be managed in a clearly organised way out of the box in TYPO3.

The manual translation process is easily implementable for smaller websites directly in TYPO3’s back end, but with increasing amounts of content, a growing website and more content writers and workspaces, the manual translation process in TYPO3 increasingly loses its efficiency. The typical workflow with manual, direct translation in the back end and manual copying of content is more prone to error, slower and prevents simultaneous editing by several content writers. The result is rising costs while quality sinks.

To respond to this issue, KERN Global Language Services has developed a workflow which makes the advantages of TYPO3 CMS workable and gives translators the opportunity to insert correct and context-appropriate translated content using the exchange format XML. Here, content is exported into XML via an extension, translated with the help of appropriate localisation tools, and imported into TYPO3 once more. This ensures that the entire translation process functions smoothly and is time and cost-efficient.

Translation of WordPress websites

WordPress is a flexible content management system (CMS), which is suitable for quickly creating and managing websites. Originally, the CMS was intended to be used mainly for blogs. Now, it is increasingly being used for websites as well.

With the help of a plug-in, multilingual content can also be managed clearly in WordPress. KERN offers comprehensive support when it comes to creating multilingual WordPress websites.


For companies looking to establish themselves successfully on the international market, multilingual websites are essential. When using WordPress as a CMS however, one must consider that this software has not been primarily designed for easily managing multilingual content. Therefore, an export plug-in must be used. It uses the REST API of WordPress, whereby the translation files can be transferred and processed.

Support from KERN AG Global Language Services:

To enter multilingual content, an export plug-in is necessary to begin with. In a second step, the customer can export the XLIFF files with the content to be translated and send them to us by email.

KERN allows you to transfer and process files in a standardised manner thanks to a direct interface integration. In this way, the translation processes involving WordPress websites can be controlled automatically so that multilingual content is transmitted to us automatically. As a result, a time-consuming manual import and export is no longer necessary. Thanks to our API interface, direct communication between your CMS and our portal4client™ customer portal is also possible, as the API is connected to it. This enables an automatic exchange of information.

Translation with an export plug-in:

  • Using the plug-in allows multilingual content to be defined in WordPress and the XML files with the content to be translated can be exported.
  • Following the export, you can send us the XLIFF files by email
  • Following this step, we will handle the translation
  • In the final step, we will provide you with the XLIFF files which can be imported directly in WordPress
  • If required, the file transfer and
    processing can be automated owing to the integration of our API.

Translation and localisation of online shops & e-commerce websites

Comfortably ordering from home, no waiting times and most importantly, logistically justified price savings are reasons why e-commerce is becoming increasingly relevant. To tap into new markets, a company’s internet presence must be professionally translated and localised, as 75% of internet users will only buy a product online if the information is available in their native language.

All from a single provider

Thanks to many years of experience in the areas of translation and localisation, we have the necessary experience and the essential personal resources at our disposal to provide a full online shop translations.

This includes, among others things:

  • recording every language used in a content management system to efficiently hide products that are not of interest to the target market
  • checking the textual compatibility of names. Product names with negative connotations have adverse effects on sales figures
  • balancing the truthfulness of commonly used marketing phrases
  • SEO Optimisation and keyword analyses for a successful, export-oriented website
  • rearranging lists into alphabetical order, resizing, localisation of software applications along with related testing & engineering as well as functional tests

Enquiry & consultation

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