Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Print

In coordination with you,we will develop an advertising concept for your national and international presence and will ultimately implement this.

This could be for example

  • the development of a logo,
  • designing an advertisement,
  • drafting a website,
  • a design proposal for a company flyer or
  • the concept for a multi-page glossy company brochure.

As a result of globalisation of the economy, it is necessary to produce printed documents in the local language or in multiple languages. Of course we will gladly assist you with your foreign language printed products. We have a wealth of experience in the implementation of the intricacies of different languages in printing; to ensure that writing characteristics and typography are represented in the local language. We print in all formats from simple information letters to company brochures with multiple colours. Always the best quality.

With the aid of digital printing, we can achieve remarkably good results with relatively small projects for up to approx. 500 copies. The one-stop-shop approach minimises time, cost and processing time and guarantees that you will have the greatest possible success in your future international business.

Graphic design

Making a splash in the market is an art which KERN have mastered – and our expertise is at your disposal! KERN will make a significant contribution to the design of your company image giving you a public image that potential clients won't soon forget. Consequently you will have a presence in print media, online, on the radio and television. When you have the right media presence you can really leave your mark.

We will help you realise your advertising concepts. In the development of an advertising concept for the international market, it is not only the visual factors which must be perfect. Cultural aspects must also be considered. Concepts and graphic products which are geared towards the Western European market may not have the same levels of success on the Eastern European, Asian or American markets. At KERN we have advertising experience and expertise in the design and layout of graphic products and are able to support you in this field. After all, successful advertisements are those which are well understood.

Foreign-language typesetting

The internationalisation of your product requires DTP experience, typesetting expertise and technical understanding of application methods. KERN's professional foreign-language typesetting and DTP team can work with European, Oriental and Asian scripts in all layout programmes. KERN can handle a complete portfolio of foreign language documentation such as instruction manuals, annual reports, information brochures, catalogues and other documents. No matter whether Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, you will be able to use all script types which we have implemented in foreign-language typesetting even if you don't have the fonts.

KERN offers:
  • Foreign language typesetting in the format in which you deliver or in a layout designed by us
  • Text conversion/ text acquisition
  • Graphic design/ layout
  • Scanning and image processing
  • Final artwork, pre-print preperation
  • Imaging
  • Proofs

Our DTP specialists are always on hand to assist you to carry out complex foreign-language typesetting. As a result of our may years of experience and up-to-date technical equipment, we have a solution for almost every typesetting problem. Of course we will gladly advise you and give you our professional opinion.

Printing of foreign language documents

KERN has extensive experience in handling the intricacies of various technical printing projects which include foreign languages. This means that font characters and typeface are comprehensible for everyone and displayed as is typical in the local language.

Preparation for print

As well as traditional print preparation methods such as lithography, assembly, reprography and plate making, we also use the direct computer-to-plate (CTP) method. Unlike traditional computer to film methods, the CTP method saves on assembly time and cost of film. At the same time, these special techniques allow smaller matrix dots to be produced, which compared to traditional methods, produce much higher quality print results. We will of course prepare the text and image data using high-resolution scanning, development and exposure facilities and we are able to produce glossy print pages.

Printing methods

Offset printing for larger orders

Offset printing is the consistently high print-quality and offers vast colour coverage. Another advantage of roller offset printing is that is also enables printing on all materials, including non-absorbent materials. For large orders we use an offset printing method, with which we can produce 5/5-colour printed products. This is also a good method for documents which have complicated post-printing folding.

Sheet-fed offset printing for small and medium orders

Sheet-fed offset printing offers colour intensity, accuracy, brilliance and consistently high quality. Sheet-fed offset printing is also advantageous for small orders, heavier paper and for particular types of folding. The KERN team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding sheet-fed offset printing.

Digital printing for small orders up to approx. 500 copies

In digital printing, the picture is transferred directly from the computer to the printer. This means that, unlike offset printing, no actual paper copy is necessary. The digital printing method is often used for small print runs. As there is no use of film, fixing baths and aluminium plates, digital printing is not only environmentally friendly, but also enables us to process your order more quickly. It often only takes 48 hours from placing an order to the finished product being ready. In urgent cases, the processing time can be even quicker. Depending on your requirements, we can offer silk screen, inkjet, or laser printing and we will automatically calculate the most cost-effective option for you as part of the process. Digital printing is suitable for single or multi-coloured mini runs, e.g. leaflets, business cards, posters or guide books, for up to around 500 copies.

Data Transfer

You can send us your data quickly and easily in many different formats:

  • As an email attachment
  • Via a password protected FTP server
  • On CD or DVD (Mac and ISO format)
  • On a USB stick or memory card (SD memory stick etc.)
  • In a Zip file (Mac and Windows) on SyQuest Cartridge
  • Via KERN's online portal