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In today's globalised business environment, accurate technical translations are more than a service - they are a necessity. The challenge of making complex technical documentation, manuals and reports accessible across language barriers requires a high level of expertise and precision. This is exactly where KERN UK Ltd. comes in. With our in-depth experience and specialist knowledge, we help companies to prepare their technical information for international markets without errors and in an understandable manner. Whether it's engineering, IT, energy or other highly specialised industries, we understand the language of your industry.

Our mission is to build a bridge between languages and cultures so that your company can communicate successfully in the global marketplace. We know that every translation is unique and requires an individual approach. That is why we only employ highly qualified translators, who are distinguished by their industry-specific knowledge and linguistic expertise. They ensure that any technical translation is not only linguistically but also technically accurate. By combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise, we ensure that your message is delivered exactly the way you want it to be, anywhere in the world.

Why choose KERN UK Ltd. for your technical translations?

  • Customer service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide a full range of services, including advice on specific requirements and the development of customised solutions for your translation needs.

  • Industry-leading expertise: Decades of experience have enabled us to translate technical documents, manuals and patents with exceptional accuracy, backed by in-depth industry knowledge.

  • Technology and talent: By combining cutting edge translation technologies with experienced specialists, we guarantee the linguistic and technical correctness of your translations, across all technical areas.

  • Precision: We rely on the highest accuracy and adherence to standards to ensure that every translation accurately reflects the intricacies of your original text, especially in operating manuals and instructions.

  • Quality and conformity: Our services meet the highest quality standards and international standards, giving you peace of mind and strengthening your confidence in our translations.

  • Speed and reliability: We understand the importance of time in business and offer fast delivery times without compromising on quality.

  • Consistency: By creating and using a termbase and translation memory systems, we ensure consistent terminology, style and formatting across all your documents.

  • Formatting and layout: Your translations are created in the exact format and layout of the original document, regardless of the source format. We take great care to ensure that all graphic elements are correctly implemented in the target document.

Expert translations of technical documents by KERN UK LTD.

For which industries does KERN UK Ltd. implement technical translations?

  • Mechanical and plant engineering: Detailed translations of operating manuals, product catalogues and safety instructions are essential to ensure the correct handling and maintenance of complex machines and plants.
  • Automotive: Localisation includes technical specifications, maintenance manuals, and training materials customised for a global audience to meet the industry's global standards.
  • Information Technology (IT) and software development: Localising software, user interfaces, guides and websites is critical to enabling users around the world to use IT products intuitively and effectively.
  • Energy sector: Translations in the field of renewable energies, nuclear power plants and energy distribution systems require specialised knowledge to convey technical information in a precise and comprehensible manner.
  • Medical technology: Technical translations of instructions for use, product sheets and clinical studies help to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices and procedures.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical: Translations of safety data sheets, patents and research reports are essential to ensure compliance and safety in these highly regulated industries.
  • Construction and architecture: Localisation of tender documents, construction plans and environmental impact studies play a key role in international construction projects and their planning processes.
  • Aerospace: Technical translations of maintenance manuals, operating instructions and safety regulations are critical to meet the stringent safety standards in the aerospace industry.
  • Telecommunications: The translation of technical manuals, product descriptions and installation instructions is essential to support the dissemination and support of telecommunications technologies throughout the world.
  • Maritime industry: Specialised translations of shipbuilding plans, navigation software and safety protocols are essential to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

What services does KERN UK Ltd. offer for technical translations?

KERN UK Ltd. is your professional partner for comprehensive translation services in the technical area, which are aimed at expanding the global reach of your company and ensuring the comprehensibility of your technical documentation. Our services include:

  • Technical documentation: Our specialists translate a wide range of technical documents, such as manuals, data sheets, operating instructions and product specifications, into various languages. We pay attention to the precise reproduction of subject-specific terminologies and concepts.
  • Software localisation: We adapt your software by localising it to different international markets. This includes software string translation and cultural adaptation to maximise ease of use and acceptance in the target markets.
  • Engineering: Our expertise includes the translation of engineering and design documents, including CAD drawings, technical reports, and detailed specifications to ensure accurate and understandable communication of technical content.
  • User orientation: We attach particular importance to making technical instructions - whether for end users or specialists - user-friendly. This includes the production of clearly structured, easily understandable texts and support in the development of translation-friendly source texts.
  • Consistent terminology: Consistency of terminology, especially user manuals and software interfaces, is critical for clarity of understanding and user experience. Our translators ensure the consistent use of consistent terms and functions.
  • Functionality check for software translations: After translation, we perform a thorough functionality check to ensure that the software functions properly and to avoid any technical problems or misunderstandings caused by the translation.
  • Legal requirements and standards: We ensure that your technical instructions comply with legal requirements and industry standards. Our translations take into account all necessary safety and liability information to ensure correct implementation in the target language.

With KERN UK Ltd., you will be choosing an experienced partner who combines technical precision, cultural sensitivity and language expertise to make your technical content comprehensible and accessible globally.

Which documents are often translated in the field of technical translations?

In the area of technical translations, a wide range of documents can be found which need to be adapted for international use in various industries and fields of expertise. These documents are essential for the correct installation, operation, maintenance and use of technical devices and equipment. The most common documents to be translated include:

  • Installation instructions: Detailed instructions on how to set up devices or software correctly.
  • Operating manuals: Instructions for use and control of technical systems or machines.
  • Maintenance guides: Guidelines for regular inspection and maintenance of technical equipment.
  • User guides: Comprehensive information on the functionality and handling of products for end users.
  • Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDSs): Important information about handling, storage, and disposal of chemical products.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Detailed description of specific workflows or processes.
  • Technical data sheets and specifications: Accurate information on the characteristics and performance of technical products.
  • Process descriptions: Technical or industrial process explanations, often including diagrams or flow charts.
  • Technical texts, instructions, and standards: Documentation detailing technical procedures, patents, or industrial standards.
  • Installation instructions: Step-by-step instructions for assembling products or machine parts.
  • Military translations: Translations of defence and military documents such as operational plans and weapon system manuals that require the highest level of accuracy and security awareness.
  • S1000D: Specialisation in the international standard for the production of technical documentation in aviation and defence, with focus on structured data and interoperability.
  • Catalogue translations: A careful product catalogue translation is critical for international markets to ensure that all product information, technical specifications and application areas are communicated correctly and comprehensibly.

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