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Successful marketing translations

In the world of marketing communication, whether it be through websites, customer magazines or social media campaigns, marketing translations pose a particularly complex challenge. A successful marketing translation is characterised by its creativity and the ability to capture the nuances and values of the target culture without diluting the core identity of the brand.

The heart of our marketing translation strategy is the balance between maintaining a corporate identity and tailoring it precisely to the specific needs and cultural characteristics of the target market. With a unique approach to localization and transcreation, we transform your marketing messages into culturally resonant experiences that are understood and appreciated around the world. For our customers, this means that their brand will remain consistent and recognisable worldwide, while addressing local specificities. This not only promotes brand loyalty and trust in different markets, but also optimises the impact and success of international marketing initiatives.

Why you need marketing translations

In the global marketplace, it is not enough to merely speak the language of your target customers. It’s about understanding their culture and anticipating it. Our specialised translation services ensure that your marketing material – from presentations and brochures to digital campaigns – is not only linguistically correct, but also takes cultural characteristics into account.

The benefits for you of marketing translations

  • Industry-specific expertise: Our team consists of experienced, native-language translators who not only speak the target language, but also have in-depth understanding of specific industries and marketing dynamics. This expertise enables us to translate your marketing content accurately and with the right tonality into any language.
  • Customised adaptability: We understand that every brand is unique and requires a global presence without loss of brand identity. Our services are designed to tailor your marketing messages so that they appeal to customers in any market, while always preserving the core and values of your brand.
  • Efficiency and quality: Through streamlined processes and rigorous quality control, we not only ensure that your deadlines are met, but also that the translations are of the highest quality. Our efficient processes ensure that your projects are realised quickly and smoothly, without compromising on rigour or accuracy.
  • Extensive global network: With access to an extensive global network and locations in Asia, Europe and North America, we cover almost every corner of the globe. Whether you are looking to establish a presence in established markets or in emerging regions, we have the local linguistic experts to support your marketing objectives and spread your message worldwide.

Our expertise

We understand what matters

To ensure that every translation has the desired effect and does not create unintended misunderstandings or negative connotations, we rely exclusively on native-language translators with specialised marketing and advertising knowledge, who are familiar with the intricacies of the respective target market.

Another critical part of our work is the integration of search engine optimisation (SEO) into the translation process. The appropriate application of SEO principles, especially when translating websites, webshops or landing pages, is crucial for visibility in the target markets. Our process begins with a comprehensive keyword search to ensure that we choose terminologies that match local language usage and search habits. This can be particularly challenging given the differences in language usage within a language, such as between British and American English.

Our comprehensive, detail-oriented approach ensures that your marketing materials are not only translated with linguistic and cultural precision, but also perform superbly in the search engines of the target markets. It is our goal that your messages are not only delivered, but also resonate and lead to the desired conversions.

Diverse text and product types in marketing

Our wide range of translation services cover every aspect of marketing communications to ensure your brand is presented globally in a consistent and attractive manner. Here is an overview of the different types of text and products for which we offer specialised translation solutions:

  • Slogans and claims: The creative essence of your brand succinctly expressed in any language. We make sure that these short but powerful messages remain culturally resonant and memorable.

  • Flyer texts and brochures: Informative and convincing materials that inform and inspire your target group. Our translations ensure that the information content and the call to action are equally effective in every culture.

  • Product and category descriptions for online stores: Detailed and appealing descriptions that not only inform, but also lead to sales. We adapt each description to highlight the specifics and benefits of your products in the language and culture of the target market.

  • Company websites and blogs: Your company’s digital shop window. We make sure that your website and blog reflect your brand identity across cultural boundaries while staying locally relevant.

  • Advertising copy for web and print media: Whether it’s online ads or traditional print media, we translate and localise your advertising messages to maximise impact in every medium.

  • Press releases and PR materials: Effectively communicate your news and the latest from your company to a global audience. Our precise translations ensure that your PR materials attract the attention you need and represent your business appropriately.

  • Promotional videos, social media posts, sharepics: In the visual world of digital marketing, texts used in videos, posts and images are crucial for the success of your campaigns. We ensure that your visual content is culturally appealing and linguistically accurate to maximise engagement and interaction.

Our expertise spans these and other marketing products to successfully position your brand on the global stage.

Creative solutions and design integration

Marketing translations are an exciting challenge, and the effectiveness of a marketing message depends heavily on its cultural adaptation and creativity. Every word or sentence needs to be carefully thought out to be not only linguistically correct, but also emotionally appealing and culturally relevant. This is particularly challenging for slogans and claims, which play a special role because of their brevity and conciseness and often work with wordplay and cultural allusions.

Another aspect that makes our work special is the need to make adjustments in the design and layout of marketing materials. Texts vary considerably in length between languages – that which is short and succinct in German can be much longer in French or Spanish. This is where our expertise in the area of DTP and printingcomes into play: We work closely with designers and graphic artists to find solutions that convey messages accurately while maintaining visual balance. If necessary, we make intelligent adjustments to ensure that text and image work together harmoniously without losing the core message.

These complex challenges require a deep understanding of language, culture and design – a combination that makes KERN UK Ltd. your ideal partner in the world of marketing translation.

Specialist translations for your marketing needs

What distinguishes marketing translations from ordinary translations?

Marketing translation goes beyond direct text translation by taking into account cultural, emotional and contextual nuances. It includes the creative customisation of slogans, claims, and other marketing materials to achieve the desired impact in the target market while maintaining brand identity.

How do you deal with the challenge of varying text lengths?

We work closely with designers to ensure that texts fit into the overall picture not only in terms of content, but also visually. If necessary, we will make reasonable cuts or adjustments in consultation with you to ensure a harmonious design without distorting the message.

Can you guarantee that my brand will be represented in a culturally appropriate way?

Yes. Our team consists of native-speaking translators with deep cultural understanding and industry-specific knowledge. Our localisation and transactional processes ensure that your brand is authentically and appropriately represented in every market.

How does KERN UK Ltd. ensure the quality of marketing translations?

We are ISO-certified and follow strict quality controls, including the two-person principle. We also rely on experienced translators and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency. Learn more about our quality assurance.

How are SEO aspects integrated into the translation process?

SEO is an integral part of our marketing translations. We conduct comprehensive keyword research and skilfully integrate these keywords into your texts in order to optimise the visibility and ranking of your content in the search engines of the target market. Learn more about our SEO translations.

What happens if a slogan or claim cannot be translated directly?

In such cases, we use transcreation to develop an equivalent slogan or claim that has the same emotional impact and conveys the same message, adapted to the cultural context of the target market.

How can I track the progress of my translation projects?

We provide transparent communication and regular updates throughout the translation process. Customers can always contact the individual project manager who will be available to answer questions and provide information. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the review process via (p)review4client™. Otherwise, you can connect webshop4client™ to your shopping environment and order language services directly.

What makes KERN UK Ltd. the ideal partner for international marketing campaigns?

Our deep expertise in cultural adaptation, our commitment to quality and our ability to meet complex challenges make us the ideal partner for brands looking to expand their presence in global markets.

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