• On-site specialist

    On-site specialist

    Specialist competence and support direct on your premises and as part of your team.

On-site specialist

The KERN team will support you in the various tasks in the area of foreign language communication. We'd be happy to provide you with experts to tackle to required tasks. They would come to you and work with you in-house. The induction of our specialists into complex areas will therefore take place in a well-known environment and new processes can be quickly and efficiently implemented in close coordination with your employees.

Let the KERN team support you in your own company and you’ll save more than just time and resources: The KERN employees are subject to confidentiality and their work on-location also gives them firm impressions of all your working procedures (should you desire this), including all upstream and downstream processes. Especially in the case of consulting work, this means that they can directly discover any room for improvement that may be present; such possibilities for improvement may not be detected by a traditional consultation.

Possible scenarios for how the KERN team could be utilised on-location:

  • You require temporary project management support for your translation and localisation projects in order to increase your own capacities.
  • Only a translator who has received the appropriate prior training on a particular system can produce the translation of your documentation for the complex technical system in question.
  • Due to confidentiality or system-related reasons. the linguistic translation or localisation can only be carried out on-site by a specialist or a team.
  • Your internal resources are exhausted due to a large project and you require temporary support from in-house translators, proofreaders and/or technical editors who can work in close cooperation with your technical documentation teams.
  • Do you need support in implementing your global corporate strategy, for example to evaluate and introduce translation memory systems using a consultant who is independent from the system manufacturer, introducing a company-wide terminology management process, centralising your translation management process by incorporating portal solutions, carrying out training and workshops?
  • You need consecutive or simultaneous interpreters for a plant visit or for a conference. KERN Global Language Services can also support you with the provision of the necessary interpreting and conference technology.
  • Linguistic and cultural skills are taught to your employees during inhouse training; this enables them to deal with foreign customers and business partners in the correct manner. This process is supported in a sustainable manner by a shadowing process during the working day.

Do you wish to profit from the experience of a specialist language services provider? Then come and make use of our knowledge and foreign language expertise and contact us! KERN Global Language Services offers you individual support that is tailored to the needs of your company.