SEO translations: search engine optimisation for multilingual websites

Companies who want to sell products and services in foreign markets don't just need a multilingual website. Rather, it must be possible to quickly find the product in all languages using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu or other regional providers. In order to also make your content visible in the language of the target market, KERN provides search engine-optimised translations.

A team made up of specialist translators and online marketing experts develops multilingual solutions and concepts for new websites or individual online campaigns. At the same time, the team draws on their extensive background knowledge of the respective target markets and the internet search behaviour of the target audience, which can be culturally determined. Only in this way will the website achieve a better position in search engine results lists and therefore also a higher number of visitors.

We will manage your international web presence

  • Consulting on: Establishing a multilingual, search engine-optimised website
  • Online text extraction from the source format (e.g. HTML, XML, Flash presentation
    , databases, ASP, PHP)
  • Adapting existing online texts in all languages and making them suitable for search engines
  • Unique content: Creating individual and reader-friendly translations
  • Keyword translations: Definition and translation of suitable keywords for the target country
  • International Google Ads campaigns: Translation or optimisation of advertising texts and localisation for the target market
  • Multilingual product descriptions for e-commerce and online catalogues
  • Advertising texts and foreign-language typesetting for online advertising banners

What do you have to consider when dealing with SEO translations?

  • Targeted use of keywords:
    • Readability and comprehensible rendering of content
    • Diverse translations
    • Use of synonyms, variants and paraphrases
    • Keyword density of max. 2-4%
  • Consideration of the marketing concept
  • Analysis of the search behaviour of the target group
  • Text structure and diversity of texts:
    • Avoid duplicate content (publish unique content)
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Search engine optimised (SEO) translations

More than 50% of online purchasers only buy from websites in their country’s language! The more valuable a product or service is, the higher is the need to receive information in one’s own language in this context. But anyone wanting to sell products and services on foreign markets needs more than just a multilingual website; rather the product or company description must be locatable in all languages by search engines such as Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo or other regional providers.

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