• Transcreation


    Ideal adaptation of the texts to the target group and the target market of the respective country.

Transcreation of your advertising texts

Transcreation refers to the transfer of an advertising text into another language, considering special cultural circumstances and contexts of the target market in the process. Transcreation is therefore not simply translation. Rather, the texts are adapted to the needs, expectations and sensitivities of a particular target group, market segment or customer group.

A special focus is placed on the advertising text being adapted to the respective cultural sphere in a way that corresponds to the cultural traditions of the country. For this reason, transcreations are done by specially-trained copywriters. Our transcreation experts have the necessary qualifications to adapt your advertising texts optimally to your target audience and the respective target market in each country. After all, transcreation requires more than mere translation skills. Rather you need additional experience as a copywriter as well as intercultural skills.

We will use all our long-standing expertise to help you transcreate your marketing texts.

  • In a creative briefing, you let us know about your ideas and values and give us information on your products, brand and target groups.
  • Based on the creative briefing, we analyse the source texts followed by the transcreation in the target languages.
  • The product and corporate terminology is always observed.
  • We will deliver the target texts in due course - along with a back translation if requested.

Text design and adaptations

Upon request, KERN designs advertising and publication texts, slogans and instruction manuals according to your specifications. Texts are translated to suit the target country and adapted to their target audience. For this purpose, KERN usually creates suggestions and variations for a text, which are then discussed in detail with you. The text can then be checked again in relation to the market in the relevant country, in order to integrate possible cultural aspects into the adaptation.

Have we sparked your interest in transcreation? Then get in touch - we will send you a suitable quotation!

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