Interpreting services in all world languages

For 45 years KERN has been providing interpreting services and techniques for companies from different sectors, like courts, authorities and attorneys. With a network of qualified interpreters KERN Global Language Services offers you the suitable interpreters for your international conference, meeting, business communication, press conference or court hearing.

KERN Global Language Services guarantees highest interpreting quality, as it only hires professionally trained specialists who have a degree in interpreting or have passed a state-approved examination. Furthermore, KERN's interpreters possess specialist knowledge and many years of experience in a variety of subject fields.

The most requested types of interpreting are negotiation and escort interpreting, as well as conference interpreting. In addition there are further possibilities for mediating between two business partners who speak different languages, e.g. telephone interpreting and whisper interpreting.

Infosheet interpreting

For fortyfive years, KERN Global Language Services has provided interpreting services and has leased interpreting systems to Global Fortune 1000 companies, as well as to legal institutions and government agencies.


Types of interpreting

Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting can either be carried out simultaneously or consecutively:

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates simultaneously and continuously into the target language, either using a simultaneous interpreting booth or in a whisper. In order to guarantee comprehension during the precious interpreting time, the simultaneous interpreter must prepare carefully.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter translates speech directly after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. These methods are commonly used in negotiations, symposia and conferences, for example, which are held in two languages. Thanks to our professional team of expert simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, KERN ensures that your conference will unfold smoothly and without any communication problems.

Relay Interpreting

Relay interpreting is a special form of conference interpreting and takes place via a second language. Usually, a first interpreter will translate the spoken word into a relay language, such as English, before a second interpreter translates it into the actual target language.

Occasionally, no interpreters are available to speak the exact required languages, for example for language combinations such as Maltese - Spanish, Persian - Chinese and Swedish - Malay. In such cases, and in meetings and conferences, where a large number of different languages are used and direct interpretation is not possible on an organisational level, relay interpreting is used.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreters are required for negotiations, meetings and in court. KERN AG provides licensed court interpreters for court proceedings. Short segments of conversation are translated accurately into the desired language without the use of an interpreting booth or a whispering system. Liaison interpreting is particularly suited to negotiations with few participants and only two languages.

The interpreting technique used in this case is consecutive interpreting. During the conversation, communication is carried out directly between the two languages. The interpreting is generally impromptu and performed without submittals or taking notes. It should also be noted that the speakers take breaks in between discourse at short intervals . One should take into account that the estimated duration of dialogue may double due to consecutive interpreting being carried out with a time delay.

Escort interpreting

Escort interpreters are employed if, as an example, you need to accompany a foreign visitor, pick up business partners at the airport or conduct factory visits. Escort interpreting is also performed at trade fairs, cultural events and for travel and guided tours. In this case, consecutive interpreting is used. If a tour guide system is employed, speech can also be interpreted simultaneously (simultaneous interpreting).

In the context of a casual conversation, the content of the original text is reproduced freely, yet accurately into the desired language. The source text is often analysed in detail in order to clarify the context, meaning and content for those present. In escort interpreting, cultural aspects are also taken into account.

Telephone interpreting

The effective alternative to on-site interpreting: Thanks to KERN's specially trained telephone interpreters, you are able to communicate easily in one or several languages of your choice, whether for international business negotiations or for travel purposes. Your advantage: you can continue speaking in your native language and enjoy unhindered communication during the call. And you only pay for the duration of the call - additional expenses do not apply. Telephone interpreting is the cost-effective and flexible solution for successful communication, particularly in sales, negotiating, contract, travel and scheduling discussions.

The interpreters take part in your phone or Skype conference and mediate directly, thoroughly and articulately between the business partners. The interpreter translates the spoken word into the language of the listener and vice versa. KERN employs specialists who translate your message competently and spontaneously, all without needing long preparation periods, even for specialist fields such as law, medicine, trade and finance. KERN's interpreters are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality with telephone calls.

For telephone interpreting you can also choose from simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. Simultaneous interpreters deliver the translation of speech continuously and simultaneously. Each participant is assigned an interpreter with the relevant target language. Consecutive interpreters deliver the interpretation after the speaker has finished an exposition. Speech is delivered to the business partner in short intervals. Other participants can listen to the conversation or benefit from an interpretation in their native language.

Whispered interpretation/chuchotage

Whispered interpreting is a special form of simultaneous interpreting, in which the interpreter sits behind or next to the listener and whispers the translation of the speech into his ear. As no technical aids are used, the interpreting can be performed for no more than two listeners. The interpreter sits behind or next to the listeners and quietly whispers the translation to them. This is particularly arduous for the interpreter's voice and thus only possible over a limited period of time.

Interpreting techniques

Consecutive interpreting

During consecutive interpretation, the interpretation is consecutive, i.e. time-delayed. During the source language speech, the interpreter summarises the speaker's ideas and explanations using a special note-taking method. As soon as the speaker has finished the utterance, or pauses, the interpreter will repeat what has been said in the target language. Because the speech is repeated two times with this technique, please note that a meeting or conference can last substantially longer when using a consecutive interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting

During simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and listens to the speaker via headset. The interpreter translates the spoken word simultaneously and continuously into the target language using simultaneous interpreting facilities. A high degree of concentration is required for this type of interpretation. Due to the high level of exertion, simultaneous interpreters work in teams of at least two and alternate with each other after 15 to 20 minutes. Simultaneous interpreters thoroughly prepare themselves for the topic of speech in advance in order to ensure high-quality interpretation.

Interpreting equipment and conference technology

KERN hires and installs all required equipment for a conference or interpretation.

  • Wireless, infrared simultaneous interpretation facilities
  • Tour guide systems
  • Sound equipment (amplifiers, speakers, tape recorders etc).
  • Video systems (recorders, cameras and screens etc)
  • Projection equipment (overhead projectors, projection screens etc)
  • Further audiovisual systems

Wireless simultaneous interpretation facilities

These types of mobile simultaneous interpretation facilities are particularly suitable for international events or conferences (for 50 to 5000 participants), planning and management seminars, strategic discussions and specialist seminars, educational forums and panel discussions, etc. Tape recorders are recommended for unscripted conference presentations. Technicians control the sound recording and duplicate the speeches, presentations and discussions. 

Tour guide systems

Tour guide systems are recommended in cases where a group of listeners is able to move freely. Tour guide systems are ideally used for factory visits, exhibitions and fairs, city tours, and testing grounds. The rental and installation prices depend on the configuration and design of the system, the distance to the venue and the term of lease.

Interpreting and Voice-Over Booths

KERN supports your conference needs by offering conference equipment and interpreting/voice-over booths for rental. Our interpreting booths conform to DIN and ISO standards and ensure optimal working conditions for interpreters. They can also be structurally modified according to the requirements at your venue and guarantee maximal functionality in all usage conditions.

Interpreters explain car models in 27 languages

The new Audi is here. When new vehicles are being launched, the international car manufacturer familiarises all the Audi dealers from more than 30 countries with the latest innovations. Because if you want to be able to market the latest of generation of car, you need to know all the details and be able to explain them clearly.

For the international marketing implementation training, Audi relies on KERN’s interpreting services. In the run-up to its dealer training in Summer 2012, the car manufacturer tendered for an experienced translation and interpreting service through a private agency, which was once again awarded to KERN Global Language Services.