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The gaming industry has grown rapidly in recent years, not least because of technological advances in the field of hardware: video games are becoming more elaborate, complex and realistic. The market is correspondingly competitive all over the world.

For the successful preparation of multilingual video games for the global market, localisations are absolutely vital. Rising expectations on the part of gamers and a growing number of worldwide launches mean increasing localisation efforts for developers and publishers.

We are familiar with the needs and cultural realities of the respective target market, take over the linguistic and cultural adaptation of the video games and advise you on an internationalisation strategy suitable for your target group and your marketing concept! 

Professional specialist computer game translations

Localisation involves a number of steps - from a simple translation of the game menu to the removal of cultural symbols, to adding sound to vision for the game characters it is a major process.
KERN UK Ltd. offers you a complete service and takes care of the translation and localisation as well as the sound on vision. The provision of different country versions can be guaranteed even for short-term orders thanks to comprehensive project management.
Observance of tight timetables and deadlines is a matter of course for us, as we know exactly the urgency of appearances and are always aware of it. Trust our expertise in the seamless, high-quality localisation of your computer games.

What activities does KERN UK Ltd. perform in the localisation of computer games?

KERN UK Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of services for the localisation of computer games, including:

Game menu translation: Precise and professional translation of the entire game menu to ensure a flawless user experience in different languages.

Localisation: Bringing the game up to speed with cultural requirements, local nuances and linguistic nuances to maximise global accessibility.

Removal of cultural symbols: Sensitive customisation and removal of cultural symbols to make the games accessible to various audiences worldwide.

Technical descriptions: Accurate translation and adaptation of technical descriptions to ensure that game mechanics and instructions are properly understood.

Adding sound to vision for games: Professional adding of sound to vision for game characters to provide an authentic and attractive gaming experience in different languages.

Our full range of services goes beyond just the above to ensure that every detail of your game localisation meets the highest standards.
Through our experience in the industry, we ensure consistently high quality and draw on a wealth of experience gained from numerous successfully completed projects. Trust KERN UK Ltd. to provide top quality localisation of your computer games.

Terminology databases for specialist translations for computer games

We work closely with you to adopt or create customised databases, glossaries and terminology lists that specifically target the needs of specialist computer game translations. We use advanced tools to extract specialist terms and develop customised terminology databases that precisely match the dynamic world of the gaming industry. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Software-assisted terminology extraction: Accurate extraction of gaming-specific terms using sophisticated software solutions.
  • Build specific terminology databases: Develop customised databases that reflect the unique language and technical terminology of the gaming industry to ensure consistent and authentic localisation.
  • Cleaning up and maintenance of terminology databases: Continuous monitoring, updating and maintenance of your gaming-specific terminology data to ensure quality and consistency.

Our expertise in computer game translations ensures that your terminology is accurate, consistent and up-to-date. Rely on KERN UK Ltd. for a reliable and professional terminology service that focuses on the specific needs of the gaming industry.

What modern translation technologies are used?

Powerful Web-based API: Our advanced web-based API not only provides efficient and standardised file transfer and processing, but also provides a robust solution for handling large orders.

Flexible and streamlined management of large orders: Thanks to the adaptability of our platform, we enable you to flexibly and efficiently manage even demanding large orders.

Portal solution portal4client™: Our portal4client™ online platform gives you access to an innovative solution that not only provides seamless connection to translation memory, but also enables you to manage your translation projects in the best possible way.

term4client™: Terminology management: Leverage term4client™ to easily manage your terminology assets. This ensures a consistent and accurate linguistic representation of your content, ensuring consistent communication.

Rely on our state-of-the-art solutions designed to effectively meet your translation needs and keep you up and running.

What file formats are used when localising computer games?

Different file formats are used in the localisation of computer games to ensure smooth integration and translation. Our expertise spans a variety of formats, including:

  • REST/SOAP (via API): By connecting via REST or SOAP (via API), we enable seamless integration into your game development processes.
  • Javascript and properties: Localisation of Javascript and properties files ensures a precise linguistic adaptation in the development process.
  • JSON: JSON file format processing is an essential step to effectively implement localisation and make it globally accessible.
  • XML: Adapting XML files is a key aspect of successfully localising computer games.
  • XLIFF: The use of XLIFF file formats supports standardised and efficient management of translation resources.
  • CSV: Localisation of CSV files ensures easy handling and accurate translation of language modifications.
  • RESX: The integration of .RESX file formats enables the effective localisation of resources in .NET applications.
  • .po (PHP): Customising .po files (PHP) is critical to ensuring smooth localisation of PHP-based games.

With our extensive know-how, we are able to make the most of the diversity of these file formats and guarantee you efficient localisation of your games.

Certifications, norms and standards

In the area of computer game translation, we are committed to the highest quality standards and are proud to meet the following certifications, norms and standards:

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: This internationally recognised standard confirms our high quality in quality management to ensure that our translation processes meet the highest standards.

ISO 17100:2015: As a certified translation agency, we meet the requirements of ISO 17100:2015, which has been developed specifically for translation services and ensures the quality of our linguistic services.

ISO 18587:2017: The ISO 18587:2017 standard refers to the post-editing requirements for machine translation. By complying with this standard, we ensure that machine translations are of the highest quality.

EcoVadis (CSR Rating Silver): Our silver rating at EcoVadis confirms our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business practices in the game translation industry.

United Nations Global Compact: As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we subscribe to the principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. In doing so, we are contributing to a sustainable global economy.

These certifications and standards reflect our commitment to the highest quality, ethical responsibility and continuous improvement in the world of computer game translation.

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