Professional translations in all world languages

Every year, the KERN language team translates over 500,000 standard pages in over 100 language combinations and in every conceivable area of expertise. The range of translated texts includes technical documents (e.g. technical instructions and data sheets), documents on, business communication (e.g. employee magazines, training documents, process descriptions, business correspondence, press releases, annual reports, corporate brochures and customer magazines) and legal texts (e.g. contracts, written statements, commercial register excerpts, birth certificates and marriage certificates). 

KERN specialist translators are located on-site in over 45 branch offices in Germany and also abroad. They have the necessary linguistic and professional expertise, precise knowledge of current language usage, and stylistic awareness to translate your texts in an appropriate manner. Our specialist translators translate from a working language into their native language within their particular area of expertise. In order to convey the exact wording of the source language in the target language within texts to be published, the proofreading or editing performed by proofreaders is sensible, necessary, and carried out in a proper way.

Overview of our translation services:

KERN Global Language Services offers you:


The language experts at KERN are ready to help with technical expertise and solid industry knowledge.



Years of experience

Over 50 years of experience in foreign language communication.




Process optimization

Process optimization through highly developed translation memory systems.




Quality management

Certification in accordance with TÜV DIN EN ISO norms 9001 and ISO norm 17100, quality management which meets high international standards.