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Tourism plays a significant role worldwide. Customer satisfaction and the creation of a strong brand therefore play an ever larger part for each company. In the competitive and constantly changing tourism industry, contact with customers must constantly be developed in the best possible manner. Strong customer loyalty always goes hand in hand with excellent customer communication. In this respect, KERN's wide-ranging linguistic expertise is the key to your success.

Become a successful global player with KERN

The acceptance of products and services usually depends on whether the potential business will be carried out in the customer's native language. KERN allows you to create a global presence and place your products and services successfully on international markets. 

Translations in the travel and tourism sector must be geared towards the specific target culture Therefore KERN AG places particular importance on a high level of intercultural competence, as well as competence in the foreign and native languages, as the culture and social environment of the target country must be conveyed in translations of texts for the tourism industry, for example travel brochures, catalogues and tourism websites. Only in this way can the most diverse travel destinations, towns and countries can be attractively shown in various languages and successfully introduced to the potential holidaymaker.

DTP and printing, interpreting and the creation of advertising materials.

We can translate the following texts for you, amongst others:

  • Marketing documents such as exhibition documents, brochures, etc.
  • Websites
  • Tourist information
  • Travel catalogues
  • Advertising flyers
  • Travel guides
  • Magazine articles
  • Insurance documents
  • Immunisation records


KERN AG not only offers professional foreign language services in the field of translation, but also in the area of interpreting. KERN's interpreters regularly work at tourism trade fairs and conferences in all world languages. With their many years of subject-specific language knowledge and a far-reaching cultural background knowledge, they are able to represent your company perfectly to other cultures.

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