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The gaming industry has grown rapidly in previous years, not least due to technological advances in hardware: Video games have become more and more elaborate, complex and realistic. The market is correspondingly competitive all over the world.

For the successful preparation of multi-language video games for the global market, localisations are absolutely vital. Rising expectations on the part of gamers and growing worldwide launches mean increasing localisation efforts for developers and publishers,.

We are acutely aware of the needs and cultural situations of individual target markets and can advise you on an appropriate internationalisation strategy suitable for your target audience and your marketing concept.

We take care of the linguistic and cultural adaptation of your video games.

Our experts...

  • Have multiple years of experience in the localisation of video games
  • Know the requirements for successful marketing on a global level

Our services and competencies at a glance

  • Translation
  • Localisation
  • Game scoring
  • Technical descriptions
  • Field experience

What is to be understood by localisation?

  • Not just pure translation: Cultural requirements are taken into account
  • Adaptation to the needs, expectations, and sensitivities of a specific target group
  • Consideration of specific terminology
  • What content can be localised?
  • Menus and interfaces
  • Dialogue
  • Names of game elements
  • Adaptations to local and legal regulations

As part of localisation, we will do the following for you:

  • Translate the game menu
  • Remove cultural symbols
  • Score the game characters
  • and much more

Terminology databases

In collaboration with you, we apply or create databases, glossaries, and terminology lists. With the use of various tools, we extract technical terminology and create customer-specific terminology databases. Our service includes the following:

  • Terminology extraction with software support
  • Building up specific terminology databases
  • Correction and maintenance of existing terminology databases

The use of modern translation technology

  • Powerful, web-based API: amongst other things, this includes standardised file transfer and processing
  • Flexible and optimised management of large orders
  • Portal solutions portal4client™: Online platform with Translation Memory connection
  • term4client™: Management of terminology databases

File formats

  • REST/SOAP (via API)
  • Javascript/JS/PROPERTIES
  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV
  • RESX
  • .po (PHP)

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