• Supplier management

    Supplier management

    Carefully selected specialist translators, proofreaders and terminologists.

Supplier management

The supplier management team at KERN will consult with the KERN customer advisors to find the right specialist translators, keeping your project’s requirements in mind at all times. Alongside translators in fixed employment, our translation team consists of carefully selected and contractually bound specialist translators, language experts, experts for intercultural communication, proofreaders and terminologists. You therefore have access to a comprehensive pool of languages and knowledge, meaning that a wide variety of language combinations and specialist areas can be covered. 

You can download our Info sheet on "Supplier management" as a PDF file here!

We provide a pool of translators that is tailor-made to your business and your specialist area and by continuously utilising these translators and proofreaders, we can ensure that a variety of texts are more uniform in nature, both from a stylistic and terminological point of view. The KERN translator team has access to the relevant terminology databases, specialist dictionaries and glossaries. This allows them to correctly convey the message of the source document to the respective target audience. Depending on the language combination and specialist area, your customer advisor will select the relevant translator and proofreader from the pool that we have put together.

Linguistic and specialist skills

All KERN specialist translators have an academic degree, have additional qualifications in the area of linguistics and always translate into their native language. They generally speak various foreign languages, meaning that they have a large combined vocabulary.

Alongside a well-founded linguistic background, KERN specialist translators are also experts in certain specialist areas. KERN translators either have a specialist practical or academic education and have gathered in-depth knowledge of their subject area through years of working in the field or by having visited specialist events. Some of the fields they work in are chemistry, medicine, IT, automation, finance, engineering and law.

Experience and further training

Translating in a manner that pays attention to detail and that is appropriate to the job and to the audience requires the highest standard of translator. Thanks to rapid progress in the areas of technology, science and economics, specialized terminology is being created and supplemented on an almost daily basis. KERN's translators not only possess relevant professional expertise, but also the willingness to do intensive research. Furthermore, they benefit from a continuous exchange of experience with one another.

A team of experienced translation engineers is always on hand to help our translators with the correct use of translation memory systems and the processing of complex file formats.

Additional criteria

  • Experience and further training
  • General technical equipment and skills
  • Willingness to do research, access to specialist information
  • Willingness to discuss and question unclear points
  • Availability
  • Adherence to deadlines, resilience, flexibility and working speed
  • Residence or place of work
  • Ability to work in partnership

The KERN translators

KERN's specialist translators translate from a working language exclusively into their native language within their particular area of expertise. Only native speaker translators are able to render all the aspects of the original text in their specialist areas with the necessary feel for the language when translating. Similarly, only native speakers edit and proofread the translations.

Selection of translators

Depending on their specialist areas, potential translators are requested to submit a test translation. After this test translation has been evaluated, it decided whether the translator is admitted into the translator pool Only then will we consider the translator for future assignments. 

The translators are constantly evaluated during the course of the project. Comments concerning the specialist quality, reliability, availability, flexibility and technical skills are entered into the database by the KERN project managers and are then examined by the supplier management department. The comments guarantee that we constantly have a good idea of what the translators’ skills are like. This means that KERN Global Language Services can always provide the best translators for your project.