• Supplier management

    Supplier management

    Carefully selected and contractually bound specialist translators, language mediators, proofreaders, and terminologists.

Supplier management

Do you have technical texts that need to be translated by a translator with technical expertise? Then you are in the right place with KERN! In coordination with KERN's customer advisors, the KERN supplier management team finds and selects the correct specialist translators as per your project requirements. Alongside permanently employed staff, carefully selected and contractually bound specialist translators, language mediators, proofreaders, and terminologists make up KERN's translation team. A significant pool of knowledge and languages is therefore at your disposal, with which we can cover a wide variety of language combinations and areas of expertise.

We select a translator pool that is specifically assigned to your sector and area of expertise, and we make sure that the translators and proofreaders in question are consistently available. As a result, we can ensure improved uniformity between wide-ranging texts in terms of both style and terminology. In addition, our translators all have access to relevant terminology databases, technical dictionaries, and glossaries. This allows them to correctly convey the message of the source document to the respective target audience. Your customer advisor will select appropriate translators and proofreaders from the compiled pool according to the language combination and area of expertise.

Linguistic and specialist skills

All of KERN's specialist translators have completed academic studies and possess additional qualifications in the field of linguistics. As a rule, our translators have mastered several foreign languages, meaning that they have a greater combined vocabulary.

Alongside a solid linguistic education, KERN's specialist translators are specialized in particular areas of expertise. These areas of expertise can include, for example, chemistry, medicine, IT, automation, finance, mechanical engineering, and law. KERN's translators possess profound knowledge in these areas through relevant professional training of a practical or academic nature, through their many years of professional activity in the sector, or by attending subject-specific events.

Experience and further training

Highly detailed translations place exceedingly high language demands on translators. Thanks to rapid progress in the areas of technology, science, and economics, specialized terminology is being created and supplemented on an almost daily basis. KERN's translators not only possess relevant professional expertise, but also the willingness to do intensive research. Furthermore, they benefit from a continuous exchange of experience with one another.

A team of experienced translation engineers is always on hand to help our translators with the correct use of translation memory systems and the processing of complex file formats.

The KERN translators

KERN's specialist translators translate from a working language exclusively into their native language within their particular area of expertise. Only native speaker translators are able to render all the aspects of the original text in their specialist areas with the necessary feel for the language when translating. Similarly, only native speakers edit and proofread the translations.

Translator selection

At KERN, potential new translators must meet strict application criteria in order to join the translation team.

After submitting all information about their qualifications, experience, and references, a potential translator must submit contact details from reference customers. Our supplier management team then asks these reference customers to assess the translator and their work in a short questionnaire. If the translator meets these initial criteria, they are then asked to submit a test translation according to their specialist field. After assessing this test translation, we then decide whether to add the translator to our translator pool or not. Only then will we consider the translator for future assignments.

The translators are continually evaluated over the course of project processing. Our project managers enter comments concerning the translators' professional quality, reliability, availability, flexibility, and technical skills into a database, which are then reviewed by supplier management. These comments guarantee an overview of the translators' skills that is always up to date. As a result, KERN can always provide a translator who is best suited to your project.

Our translators' linguistic and translation skills, technical aptitude, and knowledge of specific areas of expertise are complemented by their:

  • Experience and further training
  • General technical equipment and skills
  • Willingness to do research, access to specialist information
  • Willingness to discuss and question unclear points
  • Availability
  • Adherence to deadlines, resilience, flexibility, and working speed
  • Residence or place of work
  • Ability to work in partnership