Translation and localisation of online shops & e-commerce websites

Comfortably ordering from home, no waiting times and most importantly, logistically justified price savings are reasons why e-commerce is becoming increasingly relevant. To tap into new markets, a company’s internet presence must be professionally translated and localised, as 75% of internet users will only buy a product online if the information is available in their native language.

All from a single provider

Thanks to many years of experience in the areas of translation and localisation, we have the necessary experience and the essential personal resources at our disposal to provide a full online shop translations.

This includes, among others things:

  • recording every language used in a content management system to efficiently hide products that are not of interest to the target market
  • checking the textual compatibility of names. Product names with negative connotations have adverse effects on sales figures
  • balancing the truthfulness of commonly used marketing phrases
  • SEO Optimisation and keyword analyses for a successful, export-oriented website
  • rearranging lists into alphabetical order, resizing, localisation of software applications along with related testing & engineering as well as functional tests

Customer feedback

  • "We are highly satisfied with the collaboration".

    Cert. designer, NOA Intelligent Design

    “The same excellent service for many years now!!”

    Central Park Shoes Vertriebs GmbH 

  • "KERN's excellent preparation and technical knowledge have enabled us to work through the relevant issues quickly".

    Head of Language Services, Continental

    Particularly worth mentioning is the very quick response time to our request and the equally fast implementation of our wishes for the translation. Thank you!”

    3D Interaction Technologies GmbH

  • "We feel that we are in good hands overall when collaborating with you. I can well imagine using your consulting services again in the ongoing project".

    Head of Language Services, Continental

    We'd be pleased to work with the team from KERN again on our next translation project. I am very satisfied with the service."


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