Translation and localisation of online shops & e-commerce websites

The sale of products on the Internet has accelerated in recent years: since 2010, increased rates of 20, 30 and even 60% have been observed, depending on the industry and sales territory. Comfortablly ordering from home, no waiting times and most importantly, logistically justified price savings represent clear advantages over other retailers. Within the scope of ongoing digitalisation, it is of higher or even increasing relevance to branch out into e-commerce, and this will be the case in the future, too. This is reason enough to get your web presence professionally translated if you want to tap into foreign markets!

English alone is not enough

People tend to assume that an internationally-oriented site in the English language will suffice for client acquisition. Studies show that this is a fatal misconception:

  • 75% of Internet users only buy a product online if information is available in their native language.
  • Online shop users are unable to differentiate between products and websites that have been professionally localised and those that have been developed in their own country.
  • More than 50% of search queries on Google are not posed in English.

European companies lose around 100 billion euros in potential export trade revenue annually because they do not take these results into account. Get in touch with KERN now for a qualified, multilingual adaptation of your shops!

All from a single provider

Through long-standing experience in the fields of translation and localisation, we have the necessary experience and the essential personal resources at our disposal to provide perfect online shop translations. This includes, among others things:

  • Recording every language used in a content management system to efficiently hide products that are not of interest to the target market.
  • Checking the textual compatibility of names. Product names with negative connotations have adverse effects on sales figures.
  • Balancing the truthfulness of commonly used marketing phrases.
  • SEO optimisation and keyword analyses for a successful, export-oriented website.
  • Rearranging lists into alphabetical order, resizing, localisation of software applications along with related testing & engineering and functional tests.

Customer feedback

  • "Without an automated, streamlined workflow, our project would have been almost impossible to realise,
    not to mention in such a short space of time. We are highly satisfied with them".

    Heinz U. Sondhauß, Head of E-Business, Schön Kliniken

    "We are highly satisfied with the collaboration".

    Grad. Designer, NOA Intelligent Design

  • "KERN always responds to our enquiries very quickly and processes the translations very quickly too".

    Grad. Designer, NOA Intelligent Design

    "KERN's excellent preparation and technical knowledge have enabled us to work through the relevant issues quickly".

    Head of Language Services, Continental

  • "It is always good to know that we have such a competent and reliable partner in KERN".

    Executive Assistant, VetterTec

    "We feel that we are in good hands overall when collaborating with you. I can well imagine using your consulting services again in the ongoing project".

    Head of Language Services, Continental

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Do you want to utilise your untapped potential? Then get in touch with KERN and together we will examine how we can prepare your online presence for your international clientele.

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