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Are you looking to introduce your products into foreign markets? Do you wish to optimise the translation process of your multilingual documents? Use our vast experience in foreign-language communication to optimise work effort and save costs. The advisors at KERN Global Language Services will assist you in finding out how your global company strategy can be implemented best.

KERN Global Language Services can assist you in the following area:


KERN is familiar with the needs of different industries and companies regarding translation and localisation management. In order to optimally support you in your foreign-language communication requirements, we can use a Localisation Maturity Model to determine the state of your current practices, including their strengths and weaknesses. We will then strive to improve these practices and can assign them to a spectrum of technology- and process-based features.

KERN Global Language Services will advise you and with your assistance, we will provide you with a road map which will allow you to reach your goals in the area of foreign-language communication, optimising both the amount of effort needed and the costs along the way. During consultation, we can answer questions regarding translation management, the use of translation memory systems, machine translation and much, much more. KERN Global Language Services can also provide you with a consultation regarding the selection of translation memory systems that are suitable for your needs; we do this in a manner that is independent of the system’s manufacturer.

You can download our Info sheet on the Localisation Maturity Model as a PDF file here!


Website localisation

KERN Global Language Services will advise you, in consideration of linguistic, cultural and technological aspects, on how to design your website in line with search engine optimisation, translation and localisation standards, in order to successfully launch your website in international markets. We'd be happy to explain to you the tools and technologies used in the localisation process and we’ll show you how you can prepare your website content in such a manner that it is easier to translate/localise it. Depending on the website execution, this can also involve taking a closer look at interfaces, export formats, fonts and coding, as well as selecting a suitable file format.

You can download our Info sheet on "Website localisation" as a PDF file here!

Search engine optimisation for multilingual websites

A team of specialist translators and online marketing experts develop multilingual solutions and concepts for new websites or on-line campaigns. At the same time, the team draws on KERN's extensive background knowledge of the respective target markets and the internet search tendencies of the target audience, which can be culturally determined. Only in this way will the website achieve a better position in search engine results lists and therefore also a higher number of visitors. We’d be happy to advise you on the construction of multilingual, search engine optimised websites. We can also show you how to adapt online texts in all languages, how to use keywords properly and how to work with international advert campaigns and much, much more.

You can download our info sheet on SEO translations as a PDF file here!

Software localisation

Our experience shows that the best results in software localisation are attained when the user interface is internationalised at the outset of the project. KERN will advise you on how to design your software in line with localisation standards in order to remove barriers to localisation and international use, taking linguistic, cultural and technological aspects into consideration. We'd be happy to explain to you the tools and technologies used in the localisation process and we’ll show you how you can adapt your software to the requirements of a particular target market. Depending on the manner in which the software is realised, (e.g. JAVA applications, .NET applications, RC files, database contents), we will also explain interfaces, export formats, the selection of a suitable file format as well as fonts and coding. We’d be happy to advise you on the optimum manner in which to carry out internationalisation tests (before product localisation takes place), localisation tests (after translation) and functional tests (after the localisation).

Project management

In times of increasing international trade, translation process management and project management are becoming ever more important. Translations into a growing number of different languages with ever-shorter time-to-market periods and increasingly complex document and system structures make it necessary to see translation projects not just as isolated tasks performed by individuals, but as a process – part of an integrated whole – involving specific workflows that must be completed before and after the translation and in which several people are involved. Project managers therefore require a sort of guide or manual to coordinate your projects. 

KERN Global Language Services will advise you how to effectively manage your projects, how tasks and responsibilities of a project manager can be defined in every phase of a project and how you can successfully communicate in your team and with other persons involved in the project. In this context, we will explain the individual project phases as well as resource, risk and change management, project documentation, quality and project evaluation.

Quality assurance

KERN Global Language Services will show you quality-assuring measures in the translation and localisation process and advises you how you can best implement quality assurance measures into your individual translation and localisation workflows; this will enable you to correspond better to quality standards and norms such as DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

In this context, we can explain topics such as the composition and optimum preparation of the project team, terminological and stylistic consistency, the use of quality assurance tools, the documentation of tested results, question and answer management, the implementation of a QA model, proofreading and correction, quality norms and much, much more.


Consistent multilingual corporate terminology is essential for all export companies. It shapes both the external and internal perception of the company, strengthens the company brand and consolidates in-house knowledge. In short, it is the linguistic expression of your company's unique corporate identity.

KERN will advise you on how you can effectively develop, maintain and administer mono, bi or multilingual terminology, make it available to the whole company, and integrate defined terminology processes into existing system environments and editing and translation processes, in order to consolidate your company's knowledge and thus contribute to a company-wide knowledge management system. Ideally, consulting in the field of terminology management is combined or supplemented with a KERN workshop on terminology work.

You can download our info leaflet on Terminology Management Info Sheet as a PDF here.

Process optimisation

KERN Global Language Services has set itself the task of helping you to develop flexible, tailor-made processes that will lead to the amalgamation of all the knowledge that your company has to offer. This begins with advising you how to write and format in a manner that is optimal for translation, to obtaining, revising and maintaining your internal technology. We continue into the area of constructing and maintaining translation memories and carry on right up to seamlessly integrating your own internal processes into a workflow. We’ll be there with our experience every step of the way.

You can download our Info sheet on Developing client-specific processes as a PDF file here!


KERN Global Language Services will explain to you the various types and techniques of interpreting and you advise you which type and technique of interpreting would best best for your event. KERN Global Language Services would be happy to help you to plan and organise the event that is to be interpreted. We-äll advise you on the exploitation rights that come into play when interpreted speech is recorded onto a recording medium, is used on the television or if it is broadcast on the radio.

You can download our Info sheet on Interpreting services as a PDF file here!


KERN won't just provide you with a "one stop shop" outsourcing solution for language services, we'll also enable you to optimise your work processes when creating foreign-language documents. This means that you’ll be able to save costs and increase operative efficiency.

Some of the most common and important arguments in favour of outsourcing:
  • Cost controlling
    The money you spend is made more transparent and easier to control via the outsourcing of all your processes related to the processing of foreign-language documents and data. Outsourcing means that possible cost points are recognisable more quickly and can be ultimately planned for better.
  • Know-how / expertise
    Your company improves its ability to recall its “best in class” know-how and foreign-language expertise at any given time. You profit from the innovation and experience of a specialised language services provider.
  • Concentration and core competencies
    Your company wishes to concentrate on its core competencies to improve its competitiveness on both a local and international basis. Services such as translations, terminology management, multilingual DTP and language training are specialised competencies and must be outsourced to a specialist service provider.

You're interested in a consultation topic not listed here or do your require more detailed information? Get in touch!