Translation and localization of online shops & e-commerce websites

Comfortably ordering from home, no waiting times and most importantly, logistically justified price savings are reasons why e-commerce is becoming increasingly relevant. To tap into new markets, a company’s internet presence must be professionally translated and localized, as 75% of internet users will only buy a product online if the information is available in their native language.

All from a single provider

Thanks to many years of experience in the areas of translation and localization, we have the necessary experience and the essential personal resources at our disposal to provide a full online shop translations.

This includes, among others things:

  • recording every language used in a content management system to efficiently hide products that are not of interest to the target market
  • checking the textual compatibility of names. Product names with negative connotations have adverse effects on sales figures
  • balancing the truthfulness of commonly used marketing phrases
  • SEO Optimization and keyword analyses for a successful, export-oriented website
  • rearranging lists into alphabetical order, resizing, localization of software applications along with related testing & engineering as well as functional tests