foreign-language services for retail and the consumer domain

Due to the continually changing requirements of customers, growing competition and variable market conditions, commercial enterprises must constantly rise to meet new challenges. In our increasingly globalised world, the retail trade, which in the past was predominantly limited by region, is now taking on a new role. Online trade in particular is becoming increasingly more important. Many companies have realised that a global presence is necessary in order to remain competitive and gain new customers. This means that communication with international customers, suppliers and other partners in the language of the target audience is an important element for the success of a business.

KERN possesses wide-ranging experience in foreign-language communication for the fields of international trade and logistics.

KERN helps you to successfully market your products on an international scale. In order to respond appropriately to potential customers and open up new markets, products must be adapted to the customer requirements of the respective target country. This means that the first step is to precisely localise all product-related materials. Taking into account a wide range of factors, such as culture, context and distribution channel, your advertising messages, company website and product design will be adapted to the target market in question without forgetting the importance of product recognisability. As a global player with sound knowledge of retail and the consumer domain, KERN offers you more than just the translation of a text into another language. Should you so wish, we can also adapt content and images to the relevant region, cultural area or target market. KERN is glad to support you with integrated localisation and development solutions and can advise you during the implementation of your international communication goals. 

Translation of texts from the trade and consumer sectors requires cultural knowledge as well as specialised knowledge of the fields of economics, marketing, finance and law. Translations of this kind should therefore only be carried out by specialist translators who possess not only the linguistic skills and knowledge of regional particularities, but also the corresponding background knowledge in their chosen field, and are highly familiar with the commercial customs of both their homeland and the target country. This ensures that both advertising messages and the specialist know-how embedded within the translated texts can be adapted seamlessly to the individual circumstances of the target market.

The specialist native translators who work for KERN in the business and trade fields are able to create linguistically sophisticated and technically accurate business texts in your desired target language(s) thanks to their language skills and specialist expertise in the fields of business, insurance, finance, the stock market and consulting. If necessary, KERN will also produce certified translations of your documents for presentation to authorities and courts. Now nothing will stand in the way of your company's global expansion.

Express Service and confidentiality

Trade relations around the world demand high-quality specialised translation, sometimes even overnight. KERN is available 24 hours a day. KERN's Express Service makes it possible for you to keep to even the tightest of deadlines – meaning that you can advertise new products on the international market on schedule and quickly seal any pending contracts. The confidential treatment of the documents to be translated is assured as a matter of course. 

The documents to be processed are as diverse as our customers. KERN offers specialised translations of the following documents:

International trade, contract and commercial law:
  • Sales and real estate contracts
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Import, supply, sub-contractor, leasing, rental and partnership agreements
  • Extracts from the commercial register
  • Protocols and agreements
Import and logistics:
  • Customs and freight documents
  • Documents relating to import of goods, import and export
  • Documents for transportation and freight forwarding
  • Trade provisions
  • Annual, interim and business reports
  • Stock exchange and financing documents, balance sheets
  • Texts about financial controlling, calculation and accounting
  • Press releases
  • Presentations, talks, event documents and trade fair documents
  • Catalogues, brochures and sales documents
  • Offers and invitations to tender
  • Websites for retail, wholesale and the mail order trade
  • E-commerce
Various other fields:
  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Branded goods