Translation and interpreting services for the energy sector

Unlock new potential with effective foreign-language communication

Protecting the environment and meeting the world's energy needs are two of the biggest global challenges. The complex international requirements relating to energy generation and supply, as well as the political, economic, financial and technical prerequisites, are often only met through effective foreign-language communication. For further information, you can download a PDF of our information leaflet on this topic:

KERN's clients include world-leading businesses from all areas of the energy sector – such as those working in raw-material transportation or processing, energy generation, equipment manufacture, equipment safety and energy distribution – as well as regulatory bodies and institutes. For over 50 years now, we at KERN have been rising to the growing challenges of increasingly strong international and Europe-wide networks within the energy industry. We have tailored our processes in coordination with the work steps of the respective customer and implemented them efficiently. You can find further information in this information leaflet. 

Specialised translations

KERN offers wide-ranging translation experience for the energy industry and produces quality results regardless of the size and subject matter of these specialised texts. We specialise in the following topics in particular:

Terminology management

All KERN translators have access to pertinent terminology databases, technical dictionaries (e.g. Wyhlidal) and glossaries, which support them in their efforts to correctly convey the meaning of the original document to the desired target audience. Alongside these more general terminology aids, KERN works with you to create, maintain, adjust and supplement company terminology databases – which help to store your business's know-how and set you apart from the competition – and provides you with access to them via an online terminology portal.

Process optimisation

Considering the high volume of documentation involved in the automotive industry, the associated use of similar text segments and extracts, and the high frequency of updates, the use of a translation memory system as a translation aid is indispensable. In doing so, KERN works closely with you and your national subsidiaries in order to establish precisely the best course of action. Together we will seek to lay out a standardised translation process that runs like clockwork, helping you to save time and money. We already use various online portals to transfer data securely and efficiently, as well as an automated web-based interface that displays offers and orders. Our Express Service allows you to keep to the tightest of deadlines – completely irrespective of the scope and complexity of the texts. The confidential handling of your documents

Infosheet energy sector

The complex international challenges involved in the production of energy, as well as the necessary political, economic, financial and technical basic requirements, can often only be fulfilled through effective foreign language communication. KERN Global Language Services has been helping leading international companies from the energy sector with the growing challenges of increasing international relations for more than 50 years.