Translation consulting

KERN is familiar with the needs of different industries and companies regarding translation and localisation management. In order to optimally support you with your foreign language communication requirements, we can use a maturity model (Localisation Maturity Model) to determine the present state, including strengths and weaknesses, of the current practices as well as their intended improvement and can assign them to a spectrum of technology- and process-based features.

KERN advises you and helps you develop a road map for achieving your foreign language communication goals to optimise effort and costs.

Consulting can cover questions regarding translation management, use of translation memory systems, machine translation and much more. KERN can also advise you on selecting a translation memory system suited to your needs irrespective of the system manufacturer.

You can download our Info sheet on the "Localisation Maturity Model" as a PDF file here!

London Translation Office

Telephone: 0207 831 5600
Telefax: 0207 831 5606

Hong Kong Translation Office

Telephone: (852) 2850 4455
Telefax: (852) 2850 4466

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