• Medical technology and pharmaceuticals

    Medical technology and pharmaceuticals

    Translations of the very highest quality for the medical and pharmaceutical sector

Translations for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Sales of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment are generally not limited to the domestic market. Translations of the highest quality are needed for all countries in which the products will be sold. Numerous leading manufacturers of medical equipment and products as well as well-known pharmaceutical companies have been trusting KERN's medical and pharmaceutical translations for over 50 years.

The translationof information leaflets and package inserts, clinical findings and reports, scientific treatises, subject-specific articles in newspapers and books, as well of instructions for the use of technical medical equipment require a particularly high level of competence, as well as medical, pharmaceutical and technical knowledge. In addition to typical translation skills, such texts also require medical and technical expertise in order to translate them into the desired target language(s) correctly in terms of subject matter and content Knowledge of medical terminology, for example, comes into play if areas of application or side-effects are to be translated for information leaflets and package inserts. Specialist chemical terminology is required, for example, when the composition of a drug is to be described. As many medical terms are derived from Latin, a knowledge of Latin as well as the working languages is often necessary.

Medical areas subject to prescription

KERN AG offers extensive experience of translating specialist texts from the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, irrespective of their scope or technicality. KERN Global Language Services specialises in the following topics in particular:

  • Nutrition and health
  • Human medicine
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Medical technology/medical apparatus
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Dentistry

The highest level of precision and the correct observance of all instructions are not only required when it comes to technical medical equipment, but the translation must also be free from technical mistakes.

Other services in the healthcare sector

At KERN, however, we don't just handle documents on medicine, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals. Rather, our work encompasses an extensive range of services in foreign-language communication for healthcare:

  • Technical translations in all world languages, for example of instructions for use for medical equipment, package inserts and information leaflets.
  • Process control and optimisation during the processing of foreign-language data; creation of customer-specific workflows
  • Building, maintenance and management of terminology; management of translation memory databases
  • Adaptation of foreign-language texts: country-specific and oriented towards the target audience
  • Use of specialist interpreters and provision of technology for technical conferences, departmental meetings and negotiations.

Qualitätssicherung und Qualitätsmanagementsystem

Specialised translations from this field are given particular consideration, and require a particularly high level of precision. KERN can provide first-class quality management in all medical matters, guaranteeing compliance with national, European and international standards such as ISO 17100.

After the translation, the technical text is further checked by various experts from the relevant fields for the exactness of the content and syntactic-semantic aspects. Our specialised medical translations can also be proofread, if necessary, by research centres, academics and scientists, in order to fortify their scientific foundations.

Our consistently high standard of quality for our customers is important to us. We can also, on request, provide your translation in accordance with ISO 13485.

Terminology management

All KERN translators have access to pertinent terminology databases, technical dictionaries and glossaries, which support them in their efforts to correctly convey the meaning of the original text to the desired target audience. Alongside these more general terminology aids, KERN works with you to create, maintain, adjust and supplement customer-specific terminology databases – helping you to store your technical medical knowledge and to optimise the translation process.

Furthermore, KERN Project Managers offer extensive knowledge in the areas of project planning and quality control for customers from the medical field. 

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