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With just under 200,000 inhabitants, Kassel is the only major city in North Hesse. Kassel was even Hesse's capital city from 1277 to 1886. Today, the status of the former capital city is exemplified by Wilhelmshöhe Castle in the landscape park, as well as by the orangery in the Fuldaaue park.

Kassel lies on the River Fulda and is surrounded by five highland areas. The scenic location makes the city attractive for all kinds of leisure activities, which are supplemented by numerous galleries and museums. However, the tourist magnet for visitors from all over the world is the international exhibition of contemporary art, documenta, which takes place every five years in Kassel.

Kassel is the most significant business location in North Hesse: Represented industries include railroad construction, the automotive industry, renewable energies, salt and fertilizer products, and numerous medium-sized companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sectors.

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