Sector-specific translations for the manufacturing industry

Along with the quickly growing demand for mechanical engineering parts in Germany and throughout the world, the shift of part production towards new international markets brings with it a multitude of new challenges for the field of language services. For over 50 years now, KERN has been successfully supporting numerous medium-sized companies involved in equipment and mechanical engineering, as well as a diverse range of major corporations

Our tasks in this field include the production of specialised translations of demanding source texts, the establishment of company-specific terminology, and further language services, such as targeted language training for engineers looking to communicate their specialist knowledge in a foreign language.

We specialise in the following topics in the field of mechanical engineering:

  • Workflow plans
  • Operating instructions
  • Handbooks
  • Requirement specifications
  • Machine descriptions
  • Functional specifications
  • Product catalogues
  • Specifications

Terminology management

With the help of a large number of terminology databases, technical dictionaries and glossaries, we produce translations in the target language which are tailored to your wishes and represent your business's expertise using the very highest level of language. KERN works in close contact with your company's employees in order to develop terminology records which allow specialised company knowledge to be expressed with linguistic consistency. The terminology can, for example, be retrieved from an online terminology portal and helps differentiate the language you use from that of competing businesses.

Thanks to state-of-the-art software solutions, KERN is able to offer you the full spectrum of language services in this field:
  • Development of customer-specific terminology databases through terminology extraction and/or the combination of existing terminology records
  • Effective creation, maintenance, development and adjustment of terminology databases
  • Provision of terminology

Process optimization

KERN can even deliver on projects with tighter time schedules – regardless of the size and difficulty of the texts. This is possible thanks to the Express Service, which ensures adherence to any given deadline. Translation memory systems really come into their own when applied to the fields of mechanical engineering and equipment construction.
Due to the high number of texts which include repeated passages of text – as is the case, for example, with requirement specifications and functional specifications – it is possible to accelerate the translation process in a way that also improves terminological and stylistic consistency, allowing you to provide the right information at the right time. Your documents will always be handled in accordance with the confidentiality requirements displayed. 

Quality management

The project management team for mechanical engineering possesses a wide range of knowledge and expertise in highly diverse sub-fields. In line with this, we guarantee that the proper specialist translators and proofreaders will be appointed for all your projects, and that other specialist translators will be on hand to support them should further work arise.

The use of translation memory systems and terminology databases enables linguistic consistency in our translations. In addition, our checks for style, spelling and completeness guarantee that the translations are suitable for their intended purpose. KERN also offers the adaptation of texts for various target markets, ensuring that culture and other differences are taken into account.

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