Intern reports

We offer a comprehensive internship that accompanies a university course. This can be in the areas of language training and project management. From the very first day, you will work closely with our translators and our project management team. You will also be in direct contact with customers. We have always had positive experiences with our interns and we’re always happy to receive new applications.

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Our former interns Caitlyn, Damien, Nils and Irene,
with intern supervisor Antje Becker.

What our interns think about us

Mesk from Jordan

"This was my first work experience, which was challenging for me at the beginning but the work environment in the company was very comfortable."

Ronja from Germany

"In terms of my studies, the internship at KERN Global Language Services helped me a lot to improve my written French and gave me the opportunity to utilize my other language skills. The contact with customers and colleagues with different native languages and cultures gave me the chance to improve my intercultural communication skills and I found ways to communicate with people where a language barrier was present."

Anna Rita Parini from Italy

"My internship at KERN Global Language Services in the Frankfurt head office: A dream came true!

Harmonious working life, a professional environment and I was able to gain a lot of experience and skills.

There was a lot of work, but there was also time to get to know new people."

Nils Devos from France

"Very friendly staff, a wide range of tasks, subject areas and career opportunities.

KERN offers a good internship, ideal for students heading in the direction of project management and languages, even though pure translation tasks are rather rare."

Irene Stentella from Italy

"I did an internship at KERN Global Language Services in Frankfurt and it consisted of three really nice months. As such, I can say that the time definitely flew by. It was an excellent and important experience for me and most importantly, it furthered my personal development. What’s more, I found that all the staff were willing to help, were patient and friendly.

I can recommend the company wholeheartedly."

Hannah from Germany

"Very friendly staff, a wide range of tasks, subject areas and career opportunities. KERN offers a good internship, ideal for students. My internship at KERN was super! The work as a project manager was my favorite part. The branch placed a lot of trust in the interns right from the start and allowed them to carry out challenging tasks. I especially liked that I was able to volunteer for proofreading independently. The working environment was pleasant and the colleagues were all very nice."

Damien Rocher from France

"I have been doing an internship at KERN Global Language Services in Frankfurt for a month now. I have been very satisfied up until now. My tasks are very varied and enriching (proofreading, translation, etc.). What’s more, the staff are very nice and helpful and there is an excellent working environment!"

Caitlin Jones from England

Thanks to your work, a difficult initial situation has had a very happy end.
I’d like to thank you once again for your excellent work.
I wish you all the very best for your personal and professional future."

Alice Béharelle from France

"I learned a lot from my internship in project management at KERN Frankfurt. I have taken my first steps in the world of a translation office here and everything that I learned here will be of great use for me later in life. I would also like to thank my colleagues for the closely-knit, friendly working environment that I enjoyed with them. I will never forget these three months at KERN Frankfurt!"

Anna Zuccherato from Italy

"The experience at Kern was excellent and I got a good look into the fields of project management and translation.  Not only was I able to improve my language skills, I also got along well with my colleagues. I was able to work with translators and customers and I learned to solve problems and deal with challenging situations. I would recommend this internship to all students."

Iryna Rivera Aedo, intern for quality assurance and translation

In conclusion, I can say that the internship at KERN Global Language Services was an excellent experience. On the one hand, I improved my language knowledge by working in the quality assurance department for translations. On the other hand, I got to know the basics of project management, as I took part in the management and evaluation of orders and invoices. At the same time, I met a lot of people during my internship and I had to work alongside them. This helped me to improve my teamwork skills.

The good way in which the work was organized and the friendly nature of the colleagues created a pleasant working atmosphere. I would be very happy to work in this branch in the future or at a similar company and I can recommend that other people choose KERN Global Language Services for their internship. 

Kathryn Wood - intern in translation and interpreting from Harpenden, England

My four months in the KERN head office in Frankfurt massively improved both my knowledge of German and my translation abilities. The communication with colleagues always takes place in German, meaning that I was able to quickly get used to communicating on various language levels. As a translator, I was able to benefit from working on various types of text. Among others, I worked with contracts, technical handbooks and marketing texts. With all my tasks in the area of translation, I felt that my language knowledge was really appreciated and that my work was able to really contribute to the satisfaction of the customer. That was an additional factor that motivated me to give my all and to keep to all the deadlines. I also worked with transcription and translation software, which provided me with valuable insights into the world of work at a large, internationally active company.

My conclusion: I would recommend that anyone who wishes to know what it is like to work in a varied and challenging environment should apply for an internship at KERN Global Language Services.

Evan Newman, intern for online marketing from Bruce, WI, USA

Interns at KERN Global Language Services do not do things like making coffee and copies! What I really appreciate is that my ideas were really desired and that they were directly incorporated into my work. This meant that I immediately felt that I was making a contribution to the company’s goals. At the same time, I also gained important basic knowledge that will certainly be of use to me in my later professional life. As a side effect, my knowledge of German has improved significantly, as the daily communication in the office was in German.

All in all, I really enjoyed my internship at KERN Global Language Services. Anyone who is looking for an internship in Frankfurt am Main in the area of marketing and is interested in languages should apply at KERN.

Imogen Runacres, intern in translation and interpreting from Oxford, UK

The fact that I decided to extend my internship at KERN Global Language Services from seven months to ten months shows that I am really enjoying my time here. I have been working in the translation department at the KERN central office in Frankfurt for six months and I will be supporting the project management team during the last four months of my time here. I really appreciate the flexibility and variety of the work I do here. My internship has given me a comprehensive insight into the work of an international company.

Being in contact with all the KERN locations worldwide means that you are part of a large support network and that you also have the opportunity to work on various types of texts and projects for customers. At the same time, I feel that my language knowledge and my opinions are really appreciated and I am also aware of the importance of the tasks that I perform. Communication in the office is always in German, which has offered me the perfect opportunity to improve upon my German during my year abroad. I am currently being induced into project management, meaning that I am getting to work more closely with customers and translators. For me, it’s the people who really make KERN Global Language Services what it is. My colleagues are just fantastic, as they are all very approachable and helpful. I would gladly recommend an internship at KERN Global Language Services. 

Report of our former intern Samantha

An internship seemed to be the best option for me during my compulsory year abroad in the third year of my foreign-language degree. I have always been interested in the field of communication and as such, KERN Global Language Services seemed to be an ideal company in which to gain experience. The six months that I spent with KERN in Germany were really great and I have learned way more than I had thought possible. I have gained valuable insights into the activities of a globally active company and I have managed to apply my knowledge in practice and develop this further.

The working atmosphere at KERN Global Language Services is fantastic. The staff are all friendly and helpful and it will certainly not be easy to leave my colleagues behind. I would recommend KERN to anyone interested in doing an internship.