Translation of websites in TYPO3

TYPO3 is one of the most flexible and commonly used content management systems (CMS). It is perfectly suited to creating scaling, multilingual websites.

Multilingual content can be managed in a clearly organised way out of the box in TYPO3.

The translation process is easily implementable for smaller websites in TYPO3 backend, but with increasing amounts of content, a growing website and more content writers and workspaces, TYPO3 loses its efficiency. The typical workflow with manual, direct translation in backend and manual copying of content is more subject to error, slower and prevents simultaneous editing by several content writers. The result is rising costs while quality sinks.

Our solution: XML exchange format!

To respond to this issue, KERN Global Language Services has developed a workflow which makes the advantages of TYPO3 CMS workable and gives translators the opportunity to insert correct and context-appropriate translated content using the exchange format XML. Here, content is exported into XML via an extension, translated with the help of appropriate localisation tools, and imported into TYPO3 once more. This ensures that the entire translation process functions smoothly and is time and cost-efficient.

Your benefits:

  • Use of translation memory and terminology management systems - increases the quality of translations and ensures stylistic and terminological consistency
  • Simultaneous editing of different content by several content writers
  • No more copying and pasting thanks to XML extraction – save time and eliminate margins for error
  • No need for complicated and error-prone editing of source code by translators
  • Quality assurance integrated in the workflow by a KERN QA proofreader and checks of various content before the conclusion of all workflow steps
  • Flexible deployment of a customer-side proofreader as requested