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    Voice recording

    KERN Global Language Services guarantees voice recording of the highest quality.

Foreign-language voice recording

Foreign language editing of audiovisual material is a complex process which requires input from many specialists including transcribers, cutters, translators of texts, casting specialists, editors, professional dubbing artists, sound engineers, and linguists who can monitor the quality during the foreign language recording in a recording studio which has the most up-to-date technology.

KERN works closely with specialists in all fields and as a full service provider, can guarantee the highest level of service for sound recording, subtitling, voice-over implementation and synchronisation From industry films, advertising films and promotional films to videos or CDs and audio tapes, we can fulfil any type of order to your full satisfaction. Foreign language translation of the original text is adapted for the film or audio material in advance. By doing this you will receive results that are comparable to recordings produced in the target language.

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Voice-over features a superimposed foreign-language translation of a recorded voice in the form of audio dubbing. As a rule, a transcript using the video file is created which, after translation into the target language, is recorded by professional native language speakers and is superimposed over the original dialogue or replaces it.

We are flexible and can adapt to particular situations and also have the option of creating a high-quality voice-over without a video file. This was the case when working with Dental Union. A Youtube video served as a foundation and was adequate enough for the our professional team to produce a comprehensive, high-quality voice-over. This is how the customer's film was produced in the local language.


Dubbing is often used in films. Here, film dialogues are replaced by speaker texts in another language. When dubbing, it’s important that certain processes, such as lip movements, gestures and tonality match the original version.

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